Templar Nation

After an archaeologist and his students excavate a Templar Knight's tomb, they are thrown into the middle of an ancient blood feud. They must either follow the Templar's ancient path or ...

. . They must either follow the Templar's ancient path or . After an archaeologist and his students excavate a Templar Knight's tomb, they are thrown into the middle of an ancient blood feud

Templar Nation is the best funny movie of Allen Johnson (screenplay). This movie was introduced in 2013. There are many actors in this movies torrent, such as Richard Dutcher, Erik Estrada, Joseph James, Cristina Segovia, Don Knotty, Natalie Paige Willison, Paul Pugmire, Cory Dangerfield, Jaisaac, David matochief Anderson, Kenneth Applegate, Robert Cedric Bowden, Danny Chadwick, David S. Danna, Sugar Ray Dodge. Movie' genres are Adventure. This movie was rated by 3.9 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Alec N (de)

It's like Star Wars but with David Hasselhoff, which makes it that much more awesome

Becca A (us)

Everything you are and everything you have, is because of that butler

Dean B (ag)

Definitely not a movie for everybody, I would only recommend you see this movie if you are into really campy B-movies

Dev T (br)

Should almost be a blueprint for political 'who-done-it' films. Still worth a viewing and in my opinion does not receive the credit that it so deserves. It starts out exceptionally but starts to wither around the middle, causing it to fall a little. A solid film which does not surpass expectation, yet it does not disappoint

Drew H (us)

Then America re-dubbed it and put and hip hop soundtrack to it and it was even worse. Saw this back in the day and it wasn't Jet's best work to many guns not enough kicking

Eric C (kr)

Oh well. I feel like they took the low hanging fruit of the performance art vs authoritarianism instead of going into the complexities of religion/speech/assembly in modern-day Russia. They could have done so much more with this event and covered so many angles. Pretty disappointing

Jake R (au)

It really shows its age. Heath is good of course but seeing this movie for the first time in 2016 is jarring

James H (nl)

it ruined the atmosphere of the film. The worst part about the film is probably the unintentually funny scenes. Some of the action scenes were too chaotic, but when they got it right, I reckon it was it was dead on. The acting is fantastic and the script is good, except it isn't very solid. We've seen this type of concept already, it's not very original

Jon F (ca)

an excellent dark comedy about rival air traffic controllers and how their jobs and rivalry affect their personal lives

leslie w (br)

I really liked this and am hoping they make more!!!:)