A wealthy man married to a beautiful younger woman puts her fidelity to the test.

A wealthy man married to a beautiful younger woman puts her fidelity to the test. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timm S (au) wrote: The Interesting Scenery Of On-Location Shots In Sri-Lanka ArevGreat. Other Than Lead Actor (Kingsley) The Rest Are Weak, Unconvincing Performances. Sends An Interesting Message On Terrorism & Political Will Vs Disempowered Vigilantes Tho.

Hanson M (fr) wrote: Well acted, but kind of slow in the middle

Risingson R (es) wrote: Einai aytos kai xwrizei me aythn kai aytos proxwraei kai auth kollaei kai mas enoxlei, mas enoxlei polu omws, kai emeis synexizoume, kai mas enoxlei perissotero, kai emeis meta exoume kai ta dika mas kai de katalabainoume tipota.

christopher o (ca) wrote: it is a ok film. not one u can watch over a over again

David N (jp) wrote: Powerful stuff. A realistic look at war.

Robert G (it) wrote: I admit I have never been a big fan of John Cusack. I don't have much of a reason, certainly he a decent actor. But I'm a big Kate Beckinsale fan. First off, absolutely beautiful and on top of that she is incredibly talented. She is why I Netflix-ed this one. The movie would make a great date movie. Otherwise I think it's a average rom-com.

Greg W (ag) wrote: wrong description here Flixter-dumbasses!

Jason K (us) wrote: just not a fan of Chastain enough to sit through this

Charlie G (us) wrote: Several mildly plaid skits with humorous stunts. I can see why it spawned a series.

Betty T (ag) wrote: this is going to be a awesome movie to go see.would definately want to go.