Ten Cents a Dance

Ten Cents a Dance

A taxi dancer with a jealous husband finds herself falling for a wealthy client.

A taxi dancer with a jealous husband finds herself falling for a wealthy client. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ten Cents a Dance torrent reviews

Nolan S (br) wrote: Maybe it's the charismatic cast or old-school charm, but this movie begs to be watched. It has its funny moments--most notably the elevator scene--, but overall ends up being a light weight movie made to watch while cleaning the house or chatting with old relatives.

Ross K (it) wrote: Funny and interesting social experiment. If you've lived in parts of Northern California then you can definitely relate to this film. Could be an eye-opener for some people.

Glen S (au) wrote: WOW! To get a glimpse of the story, put your cursor on the movie cover. It gives a good summary. This is a powerful movie with some very finely drawn characters with some serous real life issues.. My favorite line: The minister's wife goes to a neighbor to complain about the very large nude statue of David she has in her front yard. She suggests that the neighbor move it to the back yard where everyone won't have to see it. The neighbor responds, :"That's how you deal with life, isn't it? Move everything you don't like out of sight and refuse to discuss it." Very good movie!

J Blue D (fr) wrote: Its okay, not a must see

Carol H (gb) wrote: An okay movie that doesn't so much end as it does stop.

NaWie M (gb) wrote: A Unique thing about Subash Ghai`s Movies are that his Movies run with the time for couple of hours you will live in a different time when you watch his Movies, a time when the Movie was made. Karz is one more timeless piece of work from Ghai`s Factory. A very nice musical- thriller.

Lanky Man P (ru) wrote: Provides the best horror scene in the industry!

Jake R (ca) wrote: Probably the closest thing to a decent Silent Hill movie we'll ever get.