Ten Dead Men

Ten Dead Men

You can’t outrun your past. That is the extremely painful lesson that Ryan (Brendan Carr)is learning right now, as spectres of his past life of crime have returned to haunt him, destroying the only person he holds dear, and nearly killing him in the process. Ryan decides that if he cannot escape then he must confront them head-on in what can only be called a desperate suicide run.

Ten men took away his life. Now ten men will pay with their's. Ryan is left for dead, but returns to his old ways for one last revenge trip. And it's going to be bloody! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan P (jp) wrote: Mugamoodi tries to be good but the mixture of Bollywood and the kung-fu genre just don't mix. The excessive use of CG really hampers the fight scenes which is the only reason to see this odd mix of a film.

Pathmanathan D (it) wrote: Interesting bio pic that kept the interest. Can watch once.Rating - 3/5

Christopher b (es) wrote: This is my favorite out of the two I would give it a 6.6 out of 10.

Robert B (es) wrote: Kurbaan (Renzil D'Silva, 2009)I gotta say, looking back over the decade I've been watching and reviewing Bollywood movies, I've been kind of rubber-stamping them. I'm a huge Bollywood fan, and to this day I still can't tell you why; most of the Bollywood flicks I've seen I'd have probably loathed had they come out of Hollywood. (For one thing, I generally can't stand big, artificial musical numbers.) And yeah, I've given the occasional bad review to a Bollywood movie, but it has to be really, really offensive, which again ends up striking strong emotions in me. Up until now, I had never seen a Bollywood film that simply left me cold. And then I watched Kurbaan..Plot: Avantika (3 Idiots' Kareena Kapoor) is a visiting psychology professor at NYU. She meets Ehsaan (Kal Ho Naa Ho's Saif Ali Khan) through the usual Bollywood mechanisms (crazy series of coincidences leading her to believe he's a boor, etc.), then we get the Big Romance Subplot, they end up affianced after her professorship is over and they're back in India, and then she gets a letter from NYU asking her to come back for another year. Hallelujah! Ehsaan, a teacher himself, grabs a job at NYU as well (man, it's easy to gain a professorship at NYU in Bollywood...) teaching a course about Islam and the Modern World, the two of them settle into a small suburban neighborhood with a number of Indian neighbors... and Avantika starts realizing that a lot of her neighbors are, shall we say, a little more orthodox than she originally realized. Eventually, she becomes suspicious enough to start eavesdropping, and realized she and Ehsaan have landed in the middle of a sleeper cell run by charismatic muslim Bhaijaan (the legendary Om Puri, who I think last appeared in less than five films in one year in 1984). She discovers that they're planning on sending a suicide bomber on a plane that one of her friends is going to be on, and leaves the friend an impassioned message on her answering machine. Said friend's husband, Riyaz (Prince's Vivek Oberoi), is a war correspondent for a major newspaper, and when he realizes what he might have his hands on while listening to his late wife's messages, he sweet-talks his editor into letting him go undercover in the sleeper cell, working with Avantika to bring them to justice.The obvious place to start here is with the first half-hour of the movie, which exists solely because it seems every Bollywood movie that's been made in the past thirty years has to have a Big Romance Subplot(TM). And most of the time I'm okay with that, because it's so integrated into the story that leaving it out wouldn't make all that much sense. Here, it seems to exist because it's expected; there's one place where they attempt to make it into a plot point, but man, to say it fails miserably would be a kindness. And I've mentioned in a number of Bollywood reviews over the last couple of years that Bollywood movies that take place in America really should have a native English speaker go over some of the vernacular to make sure it actually sounds like English. (Side note: D'Silva, at least once, abandons the conceit altogether by have a lily-white college student at NYU simply speak Hindi. Which beggars suspension of disbelief, of course, but I have to say that given the choice between that and some of the hilarious attempts at English dialogue in this movie, I much preferred the Hindi; for obvious reasons, the dialog flowed much more naturally, and I have to admit I was kind of impressed by her fluency. I can't be certain, because she is not named in the film, and is thus not credited as anything but "Student", but I think it was Step Up's Cheryl Alessio.)Once the movie went into straight thriller territory, it did get better; D'Souza and scriptwriter Karan Johar (whose Student of the Year is the first film he's written whose name did not begins with K) have a pretty darn good idea of how to set up a thriller, even if they then kinda blew it by including a lot of brief flashback scenes about how clever they were in setting up the thriller. And honestly, they didn't add anything new to that pot; this is a comfort-food thriller more than anything. If you've watched all the movies about mad bombers in your collection and haven't seen this one yet, it's not awful, but you can probably choose any other generic thriller you haven't seen and have as good a time, if not a better one. **

visitorQ S (it) wrote: Der zweite Teil ist hnlich unterhaltsam wie der erste, die coole apocalyptische Atmosphre ist noch immer noch vorhanden, wenn leider auch nicht mehr ganz so stark wie im ersten Teil. Die neuen Charaktere sind nicht immer gelungen und die ein oder andere Lnge hat dieser Film schon. Dennoch: Er macht spa und richtig Lust auf den dritten und letzten Teil der Reihe. Ich hoffe einfach mal, dass der Teil dann das Highlight der Trilogie wird. fr den zweiten Teil gebe ich gute 3/5 und insgesamt bin ich noch bei knappen 3,5/5.

Noname (ca) wrote: This is a cop crime movie much like "We own the night" and other similar ones. I liked this flick a bit more tho. A good story about police corruption taking place in New York. Acting was good and Edward Norton takes care of that part like he always do. Colin Farrell did a great role aswell along with Jon Voight. A highly recommended movie if you like these kind of flicks.

Sree K (jp) wrote: perfect entertainer. a super hit movie

Kyle S (it) wrote: Surprisingly enough, it packed enough of a charmingly witty punch to keep me playing along. It's a droll, delightful thing - as much so as it can muster - being a romantic British play adaptation. If nothing else, watch for an (as usual) impeccable delivery from Colin Firth.

Sue A (au) wrote: Bizarrelyvery entertaining!

Thomas P (ru) wrote: After viewing this movie, I really want to visit Istanbul!

Kyle G (jp) wrote: Nearly every single note in this story--every brave detail, all the funny pitches and cants of Wilde's tumultuous life, every down-stroke and up-swing--is colored by deep respect. Even when it might flounder in too-heavy gay-rights didacticism, or in jumbled-up romance, it's a very adoring and intelligent portrait.

Josh W (es) wrote: One of my favorite all-time books is also one of my favorite all-time movies.

Eric H (us) wrote: This beautifully filmed, has a nice soundtrack, decent pacing and good direction. And the acting is fine too, Steve Martin and Diane Keaton are still very likable, and I would have liked to have seen more of her Kimberley Williams was lovely. And I loved Martin Short here too, he was one of the main merits of the first film, so to see him in his wonderfully fluffy turn again was a very nice surprise. Overall, not bad at all, could have been better, but I liked it.

D M (ca) wrote: I had always heard this was as bad as Mario Bros, so I had avoided it like the plague, until now. Movies based on video games have a bad reputation, but this was actually pretty damn good for a martial-arts action film which doesn't take itself seriously. In future LA (2007), post-The Big One, gangs have taken over the night. The richest man in the word recruits them to help him find a magic Chinese medallion which is in possession of the Lee brothers. Several in-jokes along with the constant use of the insult "butthead" keep this a very light affair. Also, this is probably Alyssa Milano at her hottest.

Dane P (gb) wrote: Sadly never takes advantage of its incredibly ridiculous premise and you never see a single rhino. Though it still has sparks of brilliance. Its paced really well and the performances have lots of energy. The writing for the most part isn't bad either same with the overall message. Problem is I'll never return to it its pretty forgettable.

Leslie B (fr) wrote: Tongue in cheek, would watch again.

Jacob P (fr) wrote: One Of The Worst Horror Movies Ever. Poor Acting, Bad Special Effects (and I Mean BAD), Very Boring With No Plot To It.

Dyron W (de) wrote: Lame in some parts, but it won me over to some degree.

Jason M (ca) wrote: The only truly bad Sodebergh movie.