Ten Empty

Ten Empty

A disillusioned son's trip home is complicated when ten years of family secrets explode over one weekend.

A disillusioned son's trip home is complicated when ten years of family secrets explode over one weekend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Onie S (fr) wrote: Glad to see that it had a happy ending.

Erik H (es) wrote: Outstanding and intense. Will probably become a 5 upon rewatch due to distraction.

dedra c (ag) wrote: not one part was funny

Tony M (nl) wrote: Very fine acting (Espicially the worthwhile Sam Rockwell) but this film fell a little flat from being too melodramatic though it did have some great emotional exploration to it.

John F (jp) wrote: A great film about the Punk Rock band The Germs and Darby Crash. Engaging. I liked it.

Julie A (fr) wrote: As I say a bunch of times, I love a good swashbuckler; especially a sea-faring swashbuckler, and this is one of those sea-faring films I like. This film is adapted from Rafael Sabatini's novel, about a some-what-reformed pirate Jamie (Tyrone Power) falls in love with the Governor's daughter Margaret (The Hunchback of Notre Dame's Maureen O'Hara), and takes his reluctant love to capture an unreformed pirate Captain Leech (Disney fans would recognize his name as the fellow played the voice of Shere Khan from The Jungle Book). Jamie eventually wins over Margaret ultimately by having respect for her despite their mutual arroganceThis adventure-drama reflects a violent world where both pirates and governments use force to get their way; government, being bigger and stronger, almost always wins, but some pirates love their personal freedom. You know something, not many people today know of Rafael Sabatini nor his books; but I have through this film and I had read the original book and I love both of them - book and film. Of course, in the book, it is different: Leach boarded and captured a ship called the Centaur, which numbers among its passengers two people named Charles de Bernis & Priscilla Harrabine...not Jamie & Margaret. By his quick wit and bold front, De Bernis saves the lives of his fellow passengers, and for the special protection of Priscilla, he passes her off as his wife; just like in the film.So overall, I enjoy this film; it has everything a good pirate film got's: Adventure,Love, and Treachery.

Tina O (fr) wrote: Again, not one of my favorite movies. I just can't get into the whole Jon Bon Jovi and drugs thing.

Anders A (br) wrote: Tour-de-force danish underground junkies in the battles of life. Kim Bodnia and Mads Mikkelsen are outstanding, and really shines. Winding Refn building up his violent reputation, in the start of a unusual trilogy.

Dyamond J (es) wrote: I think it a great story of not giving up. Doing your best to achieve something impossible. It speaks to people.

David O (de) wrote: Great film, brilliantly acted. Loved it.