Ten Inch Hero

Ten Inch Hero

Four friends search for love and happiness while working at a California sandwich shop.

The movie follows the love lives of several young adults who work together at a sandwich shop, The Beach City Grill. The audience goes through the sandwich shop crew's personal struggles as they help each other through it all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lewis E (au) wrote: The reverse twist to the normal rom-com narrative differientiates 'I Give it a Year' but its best moments of comedy rely on Stephen Merchant who just isn't in it enough.

Jethro G (ru) wrote: This movie is horrible and why would Samuel Jackson make a movie with incest! Even worse when you think it's part of the con you find out it's not! STUPID SICK TWISTED - WISH I NEVER SEEN IT!!!

Cori A (nl) wrote: Whoa. Freaky weird. (February 26, 2011)

Patrick D (ru) wrote: Sad movie about some of the eccentric failures in L.A.

Jack B (de) wrote: This is perhaps one of the most contemplative movies I have ever seen.

Lovro H (nl) wrote: A very good movie... Its not as funny as i thought it would be but its satisfying :)

Sheldon N (us) wrote: Great mysteries of the last 100 years:What happened to Amelia Earhart?Who was the Zodiac Killer?How exactly did Uwe Boll get an actor of Ben Kingsley's pedigree to perform in this steaming pile of crap?This was truly an awful movie. From terrible dialogue, one-dimensional characters, and a plot and motivations that make no sense, this is horribleness of epic proportions. Heck, the sex scene that takes place in the middle of the movie is simply for the purposes of seeing Kristanna Loken naked. Seriously, there is no reason for it at all, no character relationships, nothing. Even the incidental music soundtrack sounds like little more than a chimpanzee making a half-hearted attempt to bang out "Chop Sticks" on a keyboard.Truly terrible with no redeeming value.

Simon T (es) wrote: Imagine Ingmar Bergman had directed Eraserhead: that would bring you close to the experience of watching Bela Tarr's uncategorisable film. With very long slow takes, we follow a young man as he shuttles between bars, houses, hospitals and - in particular - the town square where a travelling circus has brought a huge whale in a container. Inexorably a feeling of oncoming violence and a brutal uprising begins.

Simptica P (ca) wrote: Gosh. I watched this after coming back from a road trip. I could still hear my friend's singing (in Serb) during the entire long drive, "Gore ... Gore-dole" (which coincidentally also means: Up and Down) despite my begging him to stop. Must be karma :-( But don't let that discourage you. This a good-funny Czech movie.

STiX REBEL (de) wrote: hey this came out 1990 not 1997 as Brandon sadly passed in 1993

Matt M (it) wrote: For all lovers of the old fashioned action films, this movie about a pirate attack on a ship carrying the anything but respectable girl of the artistocratic ship's captain is golden. Although one can't deny that a movie like this looks a little outdated, the story is still gripping, with all the background and sub-plots to support it, and the appeal of the hand-made special effects is something that remains unsurpassed by the artificial wonders of CGI.

Francisco G (kr) wrote: It's a movie that features killer frogs. Frogs! What did you expect?

Sebastian F (it) wrote: I find this film hilarious, and the cast are brilliant. So over-critiscised !!