Ten Little Indians

Ten Little Indians

Ten people are invited for a weekend by a Mr U. N. Own, but he isn't on the island. At dinner a record is played, by that all the people are accused of murder, suddenly the first of them is dead, then the next... It seems to be that one of them is the murderer Mr. U. N. Own, but the person in suspect is always the person who is murdered next. At last only two people seem to be left.

Agatha Christie tale of 10 people invited to an isolated place only to find that an unseen person is killing them one by one. One of them? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ten Little Indians torrent reviews

Gerard M (jp) wrote: Dullard gangster flick.

Nigel W (us) wrote: Hmmm. Not so sure. A hidden gem on BA.

Marischa B (gb) wrote: Not a bad movie when you get to actually see it, It is quite interesting and you don't get bored at all.This one is very different from the other Barbie movies yes but that is what makes it good, that there is very different storyline, If you are not into movies like this, stay away but if you willing to give it a chance then go and watch it.

Paulita C (jp) wrote: EXCNTRICA Y GENIAL. Freak y creble, no conocia a Marianna Palka pero qued impresionada con su trabajo. Obseciones y traumas varios, diferente y dificil de describir. HAY Q VERLA. Tiene muchas lecturas interesantes.

Jeff C (nl) wrote: Michael Moore does it again. Glaring documentary about the shitty American system of medicine. Best part is when he takes the sick people to Guantanamo Bay for treatment.

Nick A (gb) wrote: 5 stars in my book. I did not see the movie tell 1999 or so, but it became my fav movie the 1st time i saw it. Very good cast, and very well done for not being a big buck movie. Truly one of the best movies i have ever seen.

Philip V (gb) wrote: One of my favorite childhood movies.

Lauri L (gb) wrote: Subject matter is there and movie does payback big time in the end - but there are also missed shots and all the casting does not work out in satisfactory manner. Kind of movie that shows the potential but doesn't fully live up to it.

Jason A (gb) wrote: This is the NY I love and sorely miss. Remember: "Few people's lives live up to their own expectations."

Nenya (de) wrote: The atmosphere, the music, the direction, the actors, the feelings....soooo unique! Well done Bela Tarr!

Greg K (ca) wrote: This movie is AWFUL, but it gets a high rating from me for nostalgia. If you didn't grow up watching this, don't bother.

Michael H (es) wrote: There's some startling imagery here - if you can get passed the head splitting, brain drilling and the intestine spewing

Russell G (de) wrote: Perhaps this is the weakest of the Sean Connery Bond movies, but it is still tons of fun and there are plenty of redeeming qualities here. Savor the style of the movie, because after that the series loses its iconic Mid-Century sheik. It gets off to a strong start and takes us to Japan. The Japanese setting is exotic and makes for escapist fun, but it also comes with a few dated karate movie clichs that do not fit. The worst part of the movie is a time-consuming and poorly substantiated plot tangent in which James Bond must become a ninja. Why does James have to have fake a marriage to a Japanese woman? Why must he become a Ninja in order to get military backup? Some of the middle parts make no sense at all. Thankfully, it recovers and finishes strong with a climactic battle inside a wonderfully staged volcano lair. The main villain played by Donald Pleasance and his foxy henchwoman Karin Dor are both excellent. It lacks focus and if you can look beyond the ninjas and the martial arts then this is still a great time.

Kevin R (nl) wrote: In nuclear research there is no place for lone wolves A series of nuclear tests leads to a strange monster being created. The monster can bend and control anything metal and feeds on energy. A scientist and his wife conduct research on the nuclear tests and those responsible for creating the monster in hopes of finding a way to destroy it. "The maniac sings with strange voices when it's working." Curt Siodak, director Bride of the Gorilla, Love Slaves of the Amazons, The Devil's Messenger, and Ski Fever, delivers The Magnetic Monster. The storyline for this picture is fairly standard for the science fiction genre; however, the characters are very well written and presented. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the monster, which was disappointing. The cast includes Richard Carlson, King Donovan, and Jean Byron. "It's hungry. It has to feed constantly." The Magnetic Monster recently aired on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) double feature night (they actually aired four monster movies). We looked forward to watching these science fiction pictures and were disappointed by this film. The acting and characters were wonderful and the movie was fairly well written; but without a great monster, it is tough to have a great monster movie. "Police will be instructed to shoot to kill." Grade: C

Austin L (nl) wrote: Impeccably executed at every level. This drama shows what it's about -- inner conflicts as primal and at-the-fore-of-consciousness as loneliness and courage, suppression and how we recede into ourselves -- so clearly that anyone who has felt regret will connect with it, and deeply so because of the performances and that damned score."Brokeback Mountain" may be the only romance -- or western, for that matter -- which is seriously liable to inspire people to effect positive change in their lives.

Jason N (fr) wrote: What has slowly developed a cult following, Dredd delivers on its bleak action packed depiction of the future. Though not the most original premise, this movie uses creative camera work and top notch effects. Recommend to those who are fans of late 80's action sci-fi.

Ola G (us) wrote: Tri-Oceanic Corp has hired a crew of undersea miners to do a 90 day mining operation on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The head of the corporation, Miss Martin (Meg Foster), has employed Steven Beck (Peter Weller), a geologist, to assist in mining operations as well as command the undersea mining station. While outside their vessel in a pressure suit, brash worker Sixpack (Daniel Stern) trips and stumbles upon a wrecked ship. Because he didn't respond to hails over his radio, Williams (Amanda Pays) goes to look for him and finds him excited over a "treasure" chest he has found. The research specialist and local physician, Dr. Thompson (Richard Crenna), sees that it is a Russian ship and identified the ship as the "Leviathan" from it's markings. When checking on records of Leviathan, the crew discover that it is still marked as an active ship on duty in the Baltic Sea. Meanwhile, Sixpack and the rest of the crew open a safe from The Leviathan and find several crew records relating to deceased crew members, as well as a video tape from the doctor of Leviathan. Among the materials, Sixpack finds a flask of Vodka. There being no alcohol on their own ship, he hides this for his own use later. Bowman (Lisa Eilbacher) figured out Sixpack had hidden away the Vodka and persuades him to share it. That night, Dr. Thompson and Beck review the videotape of the Russian doctor of Leviathan and believe his medical log was cryptic over the crew's poor health condition describing his infirmy filled with sick crew members and that "something's off" before the tape suddenly ends. They also went through the video tapes of Leviathan and noticed the hull was possibly hit by a torpedo. The following morning, Sixpack awakes feeling sick, with lesions throughout his back. The doctor is unable to offer any explanation for why Sixpack ended up like this. He asks the computer for an opinion, and it respondes with a "guess", suggesting "genetic alteration." Sixpack dies eight hours after first feeling sick, but the doctor and Beck hide the news of his death to avoid a panic amongst the crew. Beck and Thompson understands that something strange is happening related to the Leviathan. The question is how they can stop it...In the wake of "The Abyss" this Alien/The Abyss/The Thing rip off came out a year later. Directed by George P. Cosmatos and with a pretty ok ensemble this is, well a lot better than "Deep Star Six". Its a claustrophobic B-horror piece that as said rips off all sorts of things from the mentioned movies, but I reckon thats ok in my eyes. I reckon the minus is the (as in "Deep Star Six") creature in the movie, which is maybe a bit too campy and not so well made (even if they worked pretty hard on it from what I know). At least when reseeing it so many years later. Had forgotten about the lovely Amanda Pays and nice to see Lisa Eilbacher as well. Not too bad, but not overwhelmingly great either.

June B (gb) wrote: A a shocking, gripping, underrated masterpiece. Wow, there is some seriously good acting going on here. Rod Steiger earned himself a nomination from the academy but I think he should have won. One of the greatest halocaust pictures ever made.