Tender Son: The Frankenstein Project

Tender Son: The Frankenstein Project

A boy returns home from the institution where he grew up, but finds he is not welcome there. He fights to win the love of his family but ends up murdering them.

A boy returns home from the institution where he grew up, but finds he is not welcome there. He fights to win the love of his family until matters escalate shockingly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Huw G (au) wrote: A so-so story completely overwhelmed by stylised but repetitive violence. The cinematography is nicely done though.

Alec B (ag) wrote: Too often the filmmakers resort to cheap, manipulative, 48 hours-esque stylistic choices but they do manage to make disturbing connections between an urban legend of their childhood and the horrifying reality of a series of crimes in their neighborhood.

Ruba E (kr) wrote: The Christmas Shoes is a movie that's based on a book that's based on a song of the same name. the movie was absolutely heart-breaking, i couldn't make myself stop crying, it's an emotional story about a mother (Kim Paisley) that's about to die from a heart problem and how this story is connected with another guy's (Rob Lowe) trouble with his wife. i loved how the mother knew the wife of the guy, the father knew the husband and how the son knew the guy's mother without actually knowing that they are all related (only the ones who watched this film would have understood what i just said). the movie has a very sweet story that will make you cry and i loved the song too -very nice lyrics- and the acting was perfect, you'll forget that you're watching a tv movie.

Luke M (kr) wrote: In stark contrast to the world's myriad sects of ignorant supremacist groups, this documentary examines a group of young men who justifiably think that they are the forgotten people.The focus is on three of Sudan's "Lost Boys" who relocate to the United States after a childhood life of oppression, famine, and civil war. The western world offers a brand new start, but for young men who have never experienced life outside of a surrogate family of orphaned boys, there are many challenges.While working hard to educate themselves and send money back to Africa, the "Lost Boys" struggle to find their place in a foreign world that has no concept of their plight.

Tane P (it) wrote: One of the most terrible sophomore movies made. Prince comes across as a self caressing twerp who consummates his love affair with himself. Truly a man drowning in his own ego here. Whats funnier is they are trying to be straight ladies men, and their behaviour (Tricky and Christine) suggests they are the gayest people alive "I'ma slap the curls off your face!", and all those camp pyjamaery things they wear. It also shows selfish and shallow characters who only care about money and themselves (How 80s is that). I think Prince spent $11 million of the $12 million budget on his mascara bill. What saves it is the music (Parade is one of the greatest Prince albums ever) and lets face it, putting Mountains on at the end leaves this crapfest on a highpoint. Simple message, buy Parade and forget the movie.

Kyle B (kr) wrote: Mel Brooks is my favorite director and this film will be added into my favorites from him. Brooks, DeLuise, and Feldman are spectacular as always showing off their awesome psychical comedy skills. Sid Caesar and Bernadette Peters are also great in their supporting roles as are the cameos from Liza Minnelli, Burt Reynolds, James Caan, Anne Bancroft, Paul Newman, and Marcel Marceau. Great script, score, art direction, costumes, and sound design too

David P (gb) wrote: One of the best giallos I have ever seen.

Cassy I (ru) wrote: I personally loved this movie and would watch it over and over again!

Hardy H (kr) wrote: i've enjoyed and defended this saga, even the prequel. But the latest installment was disappointing even though i was having pretty low expectation.first, if they couldn't sign Scott Speedsman for any reason, just write him off the story. Being around the bush, i.e pretending he happens to not be in the shot, or pasting his face on a stand-in, is very lame. Second, they could've done any to their heart's desire for the unprecedented offspring, and decided to go with the little girl from the exorcist's -it's difficult to root for her when she looks to be possessed by the devil. third, some of the grittiness was gone, and that's a shame.