In the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, a wounded Iraq War veteran is coaxed away from self-destructive behaviors by locals, including his son.

In the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, a wounded Iraq War veteran is coaxed away from self-destructive behaviors by locals, including his son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Orlando S (nl) wrote: Muy recomendable! buen cine mexicano, buenas actuaciones.

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Alexei G (au) wrote: I can't believe Samuel L. Jackson took part in this project! This movie is nothing more than an unpolished movie laden with cliche and bland characters, bad lines, and unrefined special effects. Seriously, this movie is more closely resembling of something you should see in a made-for-TV movie. I must wonder how much of the budget they actually shelled out for the movie, because they could have spent it on polishing the movie. The film's style, and some moments within it, are unique (at least somewhat), but that doesn't stop the movie from being lifeless, terrible, and even downright bland. Not to mention, the story is very nonsensical and brings in mystical/mythological elements that feel extremely out of place and serve only to make a bland plot worse by precisely that virtue. The action also has almost no impact whatsoever save for one scene at the end and even that one wasn't particularly stellar. This movie seems like it could actually have been a decent outing, but instead it's just really bad.

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Logan M (fr) wrote: Far from being Allen's best, but well ahead of his worst.

Melinda C (ca) wrote: This is my favorite movie of all time. Having grown up in the SF Bay Area in the 60s & 70s, this film captured one of the many facets of life there. At least for me! Martin Mull was great as always, and Tommy Smothers made me laugh.

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Casey F (au) wrote: Surprisingly quirky and refreshing, Jeff Who Lives at Home is not your HA HA comedy that you could expect from The Hangover and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It's sometimes sad, sometimes frustrating, and sometimes it comes out of left field and punches you in the gut, but what it isn't is disappointing.

Stellavera K (gb) wrote: I'm not a movie critic or a movie buff: I'm just a regular gal saying I loved this movie. Is it epic? No. Was it fun? Yes! I saw it twice - the second time I convinced my skeptical husband to come along. And he thoroughly enjoyed it as well. I liked the acting and plot. It's quaint and keeps a good pace.

Danny M (jp) wrote: This was good. Nothing special but I enjoyed it. Also the special effects were great considering when it was made

Simon G (fr) wrote: Reasonable mid-80s slasher but fairly formula stuff (shagging teens get bumped off, killer in the woods, a plot thinner than paper, etc, etc) Quite good of it's kind and helped along with some reasonable special effects. There's a lot worse out there!!