Russell Crowe stars as Detective Cristofuoro, a semi-retired police officer who is trying to unravel the past to discover whether a violent teenager, Eric Poole (Jon Foster), was responsible for the murder of his family. Sophie Traub co-stars as Lori, the teenage runaway who falls under Eric's spell. Based on the novel by Robert Cormier.

Eric Poole, who at 18, is released from jail having served his sentence for the murder of a young girl. Russell Crowe plays the hard-bitten detective who put him away and who is sure that Poole is a potential serial killer who will reoffend. He makes it his mission to keep Poole under surveillance as he sets off on a seemingly innocent road trip up-state. But all is not as it seems as Poole soon finds himself on the run with a young girl who has become obsessed with him and may or may not have been witness to the first murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lori B (mx) wrote: Bride Flight is very much a melodrama, not the kind of movie I usually go for. But the filmmakers take their soapy subject very seriously, and the acting is really good. I found myself caring less and less about the plausibility of the story and more and more about the characters. Plus, the production values are sky high.

Tristan M (au) wrote: A classic ish war comedy, enjoyable enough to watch, but could have been funnier. Taking from many movies like Platoon and other good Vietnam war flicks, this one just makes fun of them all, but not in a way that's too far. It is fun to watch, you get some good laughs, but some could be improved in some comedy aspects. The acting is typical with these actors, so just blah no depth. The characters are city boys in the movies just as they should be, and the action is confusing. I can't tell if they know they only have blanks or not through most of it, as they mostly just shoot in the air, but it's not meant to be realistic so hard to go off on that as well. The explosions and helicopter scenes did look good, enjoyed them, the classic Vietnam war scenes we all know and love. Overall it's a decent movie to watch if you like war flicks and can handle some comedy thrown in, but don't expect much for real action or good war movie moments.

Kyle W (ca) wrote: This movie is hillarious b/c everything these supposed perverts do/say is what real guys do and think about doing. If you don't think this is funny, you are an oversensitive little bitch.

Tammie P (ca) wrote: Ernest is my faovrite comedy. He's cute and charming and funny :) what could be better than that.

Jeremy S (au) wrote: All time campy and pure 70's but a fun film

Stephen H (mx) wrote: Pretty good noir from the 1950s, with solid acting by Richard Widmark and the always underappreciated Thelma Ritter.