Tendres cousines

Tendres cousines

Fourteen year old Julien is in love with his cousin, Julia.

Fourteen year old Julien is in love with his cousin, Julia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren M (jp) wrote: average with some smart moments. worth a watch

Larry Y (au) wrote: have this on a couple of Echo Bridge DVDs I found at Sears

Paul P (nl) wrote: I thought the movie was too whimsical at times but it had to be or else the movie would've been Tom Wilkinson getting the absolute hell beat out of him for 100 minutes. I thought Tom Wilkinson was pretty fantastic, his "transition" was strangely believable.

Alexander C (au) wrote: an attempt to cash in on the scottish films buzz that never really takes off. poor hackneyed script that makes the characters come off as contrived. my ancesters are turning so fast in their graves you could hitch them up to a power plant and power fife for a year.

Mudoogul M (it) wrote: [left][b][font=Book Antiqua]xxxxx[/font][/b][/left]

Allan C (gb) wrote: I have to admit I was more excited to see this film when I thought the title was what was displayed on my DVR "Dolph Lundgren is The Killing Machine." That made me hope that Dolph was playing himself in a self deprecating meta sort of way, like what Jean Claude Van Damme did in "JCVD." However, this is a fairly standard direct-to-video quality of action film, though even by that standard the production values seemed sub par. Dolph plays a Soviet Union trained hitman who's trying to leave "the life" but then pushed to his limited and forced to go on a killing spree. Dolph actually directed this film and after I looked up his IMDB page learned that he's directed a number of his action films of late. He does a respectable job behind the camera and makes good use of some of the locations, but I was surprised at how cheap this film looked. Not that I expect top quality out of this sort of direct-to-video type of action film, but this film seemed closer to ultra cheap Spanish language TV-movie levels of production values. However, Dolph is still a solid screen presence and manages to stop the film from being zero star. Bo Svenson, who I didn't realize was still around, also appears in the film.

Doctor S (us) wrote: Lisa Boyle is off-the-charts combustible in this kinky revisitation of The Last Seduction. She's a very good B-movie actress and always keeps this watchable when onscreen, but I wasn't as enthralled with the story. Basically it became a one-woman show, which understandably was enough to catapult the direct-to-video I Like to Play Games to legendary status for some people.

Adam C (us) wrote: Kind of an amalgam of Lord of the Flies mixed in with Escape From Alcatraz and top it off with elements from the Mad Max movies. Pretty good cast including solid performances from Ray Liotta and Lance Henriksen. It's a fun little prison sci-fi flick with some good action sequences. Nothing cutting edge. I really enjoyed the various set locations and fortress designs. It's worth a watch if you like these type of films.

Zach M (nl) wrote: This was a fun romantic adventure comedy.Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner were good in their roles. Lots of fun and quite funny.

Cher B (us) wrote: Don't say how bad the movie is, SSSSSSS it! since there's not enough shock and intterest in this unpopular sci fi horror the main problem is snakes! oooh! scary, right? well not even close. the only reason why people should be afraid of snakes is when they're on an airplain! and what's so gaddamn scary about a mad doctor turning a man into a cobra? one of the less scary ideas is the mongoose so hide your pet snake and don't watch this movie! instead watch "Snakes on a plain".

Greg W (jp) wrote: The cheesy crime drama story is incredulous, but makes for passable entertainment if you are easy to please.

Jim F (ag) wrote: Pretty comprehensive documentary about a cave. Not quite the subject matter to have me viewing to it's end.

Miriam A (us) wrote: Good film, great acting!!

Agustn S (nl) wrote: How to Train your Dragon is a perfect animated movie. It will make you want to cry, it will make you laugh and it will often keep you at the edge of your seat. Whether it is it's exhilarating action sequences or it's heartwarming and powerful moments, DreamWorks has constructed a polished, detailed and spectacular animated film with a strong cast of characters, jaw-dropping animation, a beautiful score and an outstanding voice cast. A must see gem in the animated film realm.

Toni G (gb) wrote: I love this genre of movie so I've probably been a little generous with the rating but I didn't mind watching it. It lacks any kind of depth and was pretty predictable.

Tara H (ca) wrote: A great boxing (or anti-boxing) movie, made by RKO and set in real time, with one of my favourite actors, Robert Ryan. Audrey Totter is also good as his long-suffering girlfriend.