A drug selling and violent street-gang terrorize the renters of a big trashy apartment-house.

A drug selling and violent street-gang terrorize the renters of a big trashy apartment-house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tenement torrent reviews

Shamus (us) wrote: awesome ending !!!! a death fit for every christian

arif s (br) wrote: unbelievable, unforgettable film.....one of the most touching film i ever seen.....one of the best Chinese film that ever made....must win oscar....i couldn't hold my tears....love between a father and a daughter has been taken in a different level in this film...i am really grateful to lee hwan for making that remarkable film...hats off to you..........

Shuo L (ca) wrote: but what does '30 beats' mean?

Bryan M (es) wrote: interesting documentary about the protests in chicago at the democratic national convention in 1968. the voice acted animated recreation of the trial is hit and miss but the archival footage is fascinating.

Felix G (mx) wrote: Mixing the gothic horror of Edgar Allen Poe with the perverted blasphemy of the Marquis de Sade unfortunately sounds more intriguing than Svankmajer's film turned out to be. The movie is still fascinating to watch, with sporadic explosions of the filmmaker's characteristic stop-motion animation (slithering meat and tongues). There is also a fantastic performance by Jan Triska as a contemporary Marquis, quite a feat considering that Svankmajer's actors are generally overshadowed by his overriding grotesquerie. But the overall film is a bit predictable, and compared to Pasolini's take on de Sade, it is not really all that shocking either.

Chris M (jp) wrote: It was a enjoyable and very adventurous live action/animated family comedy adventure sequel. It had really great animation, very great cinematography, great cast, very good comedy, very exciting adventure, great characters, great music and a interesting storyline. In my opinion, I like this one better than the first one. I definitely recommend this movie to both kids and adults.

Niloo R (ag) wrote: a really mediocre film ... the alternate ending was the only part which brought some depth and reality to the film ... but they used a ridiculous and completely nonsensical ending which made watching the film an even bigger waste of time

Ethan B (fr) wrote: The 1990s. Back when children's television was at an all-time high, child actors weren't hired for their looks, and Disney Channel Original Movies didn't talk down to kids. In 1997, Disney rebranded their TV movies under the Disney Channel Original Movie marquee and their style of films also changed. They started featuring younger kids as main characters and had them dealing with their own issues. In 1998, Disney released their 5th DCOM, Halloweentown. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but as a kid it invoked our imagination. The script is full of wit, and the talent here is really impressive too--especially the lead actress, Kimberly J. Brown, who went on to also star in another DCOM, Quints. Debbie Reynolds is also fantastic here as the adventurous and crazy grandmother that every kid wants. Being a really fun live-action film for kids, Halloweentown doesn't come without its faults. The dialogue can be a bit cheesy on occasion, and the little brother's cynicism and the mom's stubbornness get tiresome after awhile. Also, as great of a movie this was as a child, as an adult I realize that the concept is underutilized. There's this magical place that we still dream about as grownups, however we're left wanting to see more of this world. Much like Back to the Future Part II when we get enveloped by futuristic Hill Valley to the point where we can fill in the gaps in our minds. With Halloweentown there are too many gaps to fill in that we don't really feel like we've experienced this universe enough. Don't get me wrong, I still can appreciate this film as an adult. The sets, the costumes, the few buildings that we do see are great. But it would be ten times more entertaining if we got a little more. In theory, Halloweentown is amazing, but we leave feeling cheated. I guess that's why they made 3 more movies.It's easy to just say that the plot was stretched too thin here, but that's saved for movies that have concepts that can't be expanded upon. With Halloweentown it's more of a case that the plot simply wasn't as thick as it should have been. Because it should be able to get stretched for days and days and never even show signs of thinning. Let's just hope that they fix this in the sequels.Basically, as a kid, this film is exactly what you want. Watching as an adult I just yearn for it to reach its potential. Twizard Rating: 76

Vlad M (ca) wrote: Hands down the best xmas movie ever!

Re L (ca) wrote: Robby Benson play the legendary Billy Mills and Graham Green shins as Eddie.

Zach L (ca) wrote: 4/5 Though at times uneven, and with dated effects, Something Wicked this Way Comes is a fantastic, haunting ,visionary look at greed

Wendy D (kr) wrote: Fantasy fictions movies are interesting, this type of movies are open to the world of imagination anything is possible and with proper justification, even the most unthinkable make sense within an appropriate framework. In this case, the struggle of the different classes, can reach such an epic and emotional expression as dark and evil plot that shows us Snowpierce. We all have a pre-established position that makes the order, if we skipped the balance of nature and chaos takes over the world; if you're shoe you should put yourself in the foot, not in the head. This theme is repeated, oppressed against oppressors, uprising against injustice, people's revolution, anarchist uprising, and the fall of the abusive power to hear the powerful voice of the repressed people. My feelings with this film are a bit contradictory, I have enjoyed as I watched and I liked the issues that they put on the table. But then there are several cons, which can differs depending on how the viewer faces the film.