Teng's Angel

Teng's Angel

Klauy is a bumbling likay performer in the countryside. One day while watching TV he sees a beautiful model Fah having an interview with a tv host and he instantly falls in love with her. Klauy is obsessed with Fah's beauty and will dream of her non-stop no matter where he goes. Knowing that it is impossible not only to chase or even meet her since he is only an ordinary person he approaches Angel Koe for help. They eventually meet through Angel Koe's plan but will Fah likes Klauy in the end?

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Romel Jhan B (ru) wrote: I love Alice.... can't wait for the action.

Tobby O (de) wrote: Courage! An ever-working virtue. I love it.

Augustine H (kr) wrote: Perhaps of perfect authenticity and realism, the brief account of events is too subtle to attain its enlightenment.

Stuart K (gb) wrote: Directed by Mark Robson (Von Ryan's Express (1965), Valley of the Dolls (1967) and Avalanche Express (1979)), and written by Mario Puzo (The Godfather (1972) and Superman (1978)), this disaster film was one in many that followed the successes of Airport (1970) and The Poseidon Adventure (1972), Hollywood wanted more and more disaster films, and while some were dodgy, this was a good one. In Los Angeles, one worker at the Mulholland Dam drowns after a routine inspection is interrupted by a violent tremor, which is picked up by the Californian Seismological Institute, which is ran by Dr. Willis Stockle (Barry Sullivan), who calls the National Guard and the Police to be on the safe side. However, that turns out not to be enough, as a massive earthquake, measuring 9.9 on the Richter Scale, destroys much of Los Angeles. Residents such as Stewart Graff (Charlton Heston), his wife Remy Royce-Graff (Ava Gardner), his boss and father in-law Sam Royce (Lorne Greene), police Sgt. Lou Slade (George Kennedy) and stuntman Miles Quade (Richard Roundtree) all have to survive. It's you're typical disaster movie fare, but the limited running time doesn't give it much room to breathe, or to develop the characters and their back stories of how they're thrown together in all this. But it doesn't seem to matter once the earthquake hits, as it looks absolutely brilliant on screen.

Aj V (de) wrote: I don't know what the big deal is about this movie being campy, it seemed like a normal weird island secret cult movie to me, I've seen other movies like that before and this isn't anything different. I wouldn't consider this campy or a cult classic or anything, it's just a silly island horror movie.

Kevin R (de) wrote: They traced the bullet through the body into the head.Dick Fleming wants to propose to his long time girlfriend and daughter of rich and powerful Cyrus Wentworth. Cyrus hates the idea and immediately kicks Dick out of his office after hearing the proposal. Just as Dick is about to leave a gunshot rings and Cyrus is dead. The police immediately arrest Dick and charge him with murder. A local newspaper reporter feels the event is too convenient, especially after a recent tragedy involving the Wentworth family. The report calls in Detective Wong to do some digging and see if someone else may be responsible."Are you butting into my business again?""Sure."William Neigh, director of Dr. Wong, Detective; Mr. Wise Guy; The Ape; Desert Nights; Black Dragons; Beauty and the Bandit; The Mystery of Mr. Wong; Mr. Wong in Chinatown; and The 13 Man, delivers Doomed to Die. The storyline for this picture is below average and the plot unfolds in kind of a slow and methodical fashion (which is saying something for a film with a 68 minute run time). The acting is solid and the cast includes Boris Karloff, Henry Brandon, Marjorie Reynolds, Grant Withers, and William Stelling. "You've never done anything in your life without an ulterior motive."I grabbed this movie off Netflix because it starred the wonderful Boris Karloff. I have never been a huge fan of his run as Detective Wong and this did little to change my mind. They try to depict him as an Asian Sherlock Holmes of sorts and despite his charm and charisma in the series, the character just doesn't work for me. I do enjoy watching Karloff, but this isn't his best work."The homicide squad will be the new used car squad."Grade: C-

Katie Y (jp) wrote: A decent Vietnam protest film. I'm still unsure if Keifer Sutherland can act but I enjoyed I did enjoy this film.Cheesy in some parts, yet very meaningful towards the end.

bill s (it) wrote: Not a bad action movie but really not one to see a 2nd time either.

Greg R (nl) wrote: The story and idea is pretty basic and pretty predictable. With that said however, what makes this enjoyable is the charm that this movie has. It has this distinct, fun feel to it. While I this is not the best film from Nick Park, it's still charming, the characters (especially the villains) are memorable, the slapstick is great, and it has a lot of funny moments.

Ariel H (mx) wrote: Tilda Swinton sublime, suspenso y terror psicolgico sobre el origen de la maldad

mohammed q (ru) wrote: was not that big work but I like it any way.the whole cast was awesome!I enjoyed it , laugh a lot , this movie has touched me.