Tengo 17 años

Tengo 17 años

Around the days of Christmas, a dreamy 17-year-old girl belonging to Madrid high class runs away from home and ends up in a small village where an all-men family give her shelter. There she will discover another way of living and loving.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:111 minutes
  • Release:1964
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:number in title,  

A young girl decide to escape from home because her stepmother doesn´t like her. She finds a modest family that welcomes her as a family member. She learns how to live in lowliness and fall in love with David. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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chris a (ag) wrote: The story is there and the possibility for something larger but all in all Contracted unfortunately becomes formulaic by the end of the film leaving you unsatisfied and hoping for more.

Tracy F (de) wrote: Sounded like a good "who done it" plot. Awful.

scott g (gb) wrote: a entertaining well thought out drama following a film producer up to his eyes in debt, his film company struggling, it takes its toll on his home life and there seems no way out, after his suicide we see his family, take the consequences of his loss but also the struggling company. a film that shows well not only the workings of a film company and its problems, but also the human side in the family it effects, the story is always engageing and follows the various story strands with great storytelling another interesting french adition

Shawn R (jp) wrote: Kind of like strippers meet hostel, but nowher near as cool as that sounds.Michael rooker is bad ass, but you don't get enough of him.

Shaun B (fr) wrote: It Should Come With a WarningI have always enjoyed Asian moviemakers use of action and history, even if the action is a little over the top and the history taken artistic advantage of. In the case of Goemon, however, the advantage taken was beyond the line of good taste. The events of the story are based, loosely, upon the events near the end of the medieval period of Japan, what is most commonly called Sengoku, or country at war. Almost all of the characters, major ones and minor ones, are at least named after historical people, but that is where the relation to history stops. How history is handled in this movie is almost comical expect for one fact that makes it insulting. This is just a movie and no reasonable intelligent person believes that history will be treated honorably by those who make entertainment, and sometimes that is just fine. However, in Goemon, the goal of the hero is to kill Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a general of Oda Nobunage who very briefly unified Japan before Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1600. The events in the movie have Hideyoshi meet his end before he orders the invasion of the Korean peninsula. This invasion, known as the Imjin War, lasted for seven years and resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. It was an utter failure for Hideyoshi and was a brutal war for the Korean people. The fact that this movie wants to dig up the roots of history to tell their tale and then skip over these blood soaked seven years straight to the Battle of Sekigahara is insulting. Perhaps such an inslut could be forgiven if the entertainment factor was there, but that is not the case. While Goemon is live action, it takes on an Anime influenced fantasy appearance with a touch of steam-punk. The steam-punk element is mostly found in the firearms used and a few objects, like a very sophisticated door and a mechanical Pandora's Box. The Anime influence is even more apparent because everything is computer generated, even the actors themselves during some action scenes. This really doesn't work well, as nothing looks real. The entire world is computer generated, grass, water, trees, sometimes even the furniture the actors are sitting on looks generated. The CGI effects are not good, there is a horrible contrast between the actors and their environment. If one wanted to be nice they could say that this was done on purpose to bring closer the worlds of live action and Anime, but the argument that the production company is cheap could also have a strong case. The writing is terrible. At the beginning of the movie a lieutenant of Hideyoshi, Mitsunari, is having his men search for Pandora's Box, which Goemon has stolen. They are very worried over it and are killing anyone who might get wind of it. So, one would think that this box would play a large role in this tale, which it doesn't. You see it at the start and then in disappears. It is not even explained why a object of western mythology is in Japan in the first place. No one talks about it until the very end when Goemon hands to a young boy he has been taking care of and gives him some banal speech about hope, or not being vengeful, before Goemon goes and avenges the death of his former lord Nobunaga. I am not sure. No one says anything worth saying or anything that makes that much sense. The motivations of the character is equally unclear. While it might seem like vengeance or greed is a motivation, characters don't seem fully committed. Of course, this could be the fault of the actors who are all flat and deadpan. Whether it is the fault of the writers, the director, or actors there is very little emotion or believably to these Anime devolved historical figures. The only thing the actors have going for them is their looks. Just about everyone in this movie is model from a magazine cover. Expect for those men who are to inspire a very weak and ineffectual comic relief, they are all handsome and stoic. The women are beautiful even when wearing some of the most ridiculous costumes. While everyone's hair is in place and make-up impeccably done this doesn't help the movie. The unbelievable good looks of the actors just adds to the unbelievably of the entire movie. It does however explain their poor acting. There is one compliant I have that has nothing to do with the movie and that is the version I had to watch was dubbed not subbed. Netflix streams quite a few foreign films but never gives the viewer the choice between subtitles or voice dubbing. Most of the times the english speaking actors who voice for foreign films are horrible. This is because of a combination of being limited to the mouth movements of the foreign actors and their lack of acting skill. Most people who enjoy foreign films will always want subtitles, as this sounds better and there is less lost in translation. Even if Goemon had subtitles it wouldn't have saved the movie, but perhaps given me something else to dislike.

Austin S (ru) wrote: Great performances and direction make this an exciting crime-thriller that never lets up on the suspense!

Ryan V (kr) wrote: The one that killed the franchise. Hulk Hogan teams up with preteens for martial arts.

Michael W (ca) wrote: Young man carries his deformed brother in a basket to NY to avenge the doctors who separated them in a clandestine operation. One of the great horrors on a shoestring budget. Best scenes are the flashback and claymation scenes. Visitors to NYC should seek affordable accomodations at the Broslin Hotel.

Ethan H (gb) wrote: Fun and weird but laughable at the same time.

Kellen V (au) wrote: My favorite film from director John Huston. Stacy Keach gives a wonderful performance, and is complimented extremely well by a young Jeff Bridges. This film like another reviewer said is Rocky without the glory. This is what happens in the real world when not all boxers get the big break and or don't have the talent to make it to the top. One of the better character studies i've seen.

Peter C (ag) wrote: I saw this film before going to Australia back in the 70 's it truly captures and portrays that hot and claustrophobic atmosphere

Wilfredo Antonio A (ag) wrote: Cunto extrao pelculas de ciencia ficcin tan excelentemente hechas como esta, sin despreciar a la saga Matrix.