Tenshi no harawata: Nami

Tenshi no harawata: Nami

This is the third film in the Angel Guts series. It tells the story of Nami, a young female journalist...

This is the third film in the Angel Guts series. It tells the story of Nami, a young female journalist... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tenshi no harawata: Nami torrent reviews

Gursimar S (ag) wrote: Slow at first but once it picks up it really gets going...

Gena D (nl) wrote: David might be interested

Miklos P (jp) wrote: Kinda like a reality TV thing

Rick R (gb) wrote: Across the Pacific (1942)One of the best early Warner Brother's war movies. Directed by John Huston and features Bogart, as Rick Leland, a dishonorably discharged U.S. Army officer trying to offer his services to anyone who'll take him. This is all taking place before the attack on Pearl Harbor, so the audience knows something that only Rick suspects. Rick's easy pickings for Dr. Lorenz (Sidney Greenstreet) who he meets on a Japanese ship heading back from Canada to New York and will eventually head to Japan via the Panama Canal. Rick can be a big help to Dr. Lorenz's friends.I also loved Mary Astor's portrayal of Alberta Marlow from Red Deer, Canada, who might or might not be a Japanese spy. I've only seen her in movies where she's played ultra melodramatic roles (Red Dust and The Maltese Falcon) and in this one she's acts much more natural. She even does a little light comedy and shows off some legs. This movie also stars most of the more popular Asian-American actors of the time, from Richard Loo, Philip Ahn, Keye Luke, Ruby Robles, and Chester Gan. Nobody was acting in "yellow face" in this movie which I loved. One thing that I felt uncomfortable with was Victor Sen Yung's portrayal of Joe Totsuiko, who talked in very Americanized scat, but was in fact, working for the Japanese. I got to thinking about all of those Nisei who got thrown into concentration camps because people saw this movie.This is a great movie and well worth a look.

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Nicholas D (ag) wrote: So weird and random, but pretty hilarious.

Nicholas H (ca) wrote: I'm glad Aaliyahs dead...she's awful.

Liam M (ca) wrote: It's an enjoyable Western and has a good mix of tension/humour, but there is one bit I could have done without seeing.