Tension at Table Rock

Tension at Table Rock

When the owner of a stagecoach station is killed, a gunman takes his place.

A reluctant gunslinger tires of having to defend himself at every cow town he visits, so he adopts an alias and continues his wandering. At an outpost run by a father and young son, he gets... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John R (it) wrote: 160110: Held nothing for me other than the hope it was a scary movie. It wasn't. It's a documentary, literally; not as described on the back of the box. And a poor one at that. Perhaps if you held some interest in this type of film making, super low budget horror. Into the garage sale pile.

Hannah G (de) wrote: DAVID AR WHITE I LOVE YOOOUUUUUUUUU. ok hi.I love this movie.

Todd S (fr) wrote: Many will be surprised that I am reviewing this film, especially twenty years after it was released, but it was Directed by the legendary, Brian De Palma, making it a must see for me. In general, I find these huge franchise films to be fun, some are better than others, but that's usually based on the writing and the cast. In watching the first of the Mission: Impossible films, my expectations were very high, and while Tom Cruise didn't disappoint, Brian De Palma certainly did. The king of mystery could have developed a better story than this. The action sequences were impressive and the special effects were way over the top, but I still felt the story could have been developed a lot more. Maybe being the first film in an eventual franchise, producers wanted to give the series as much action and explosions as possible. If that was the case, they should have called Michael Bay, this film has all the makings of one of his films, not a De Palma film. That being said, the bottom line is that first mission is exactly what you'd expect it to be. Student replacing teacher, in a film that's one chase and fire fight after another. It was entertaining, but not something that requires a whole lot of thinking.

Robert I (jp) wrote: Dennis Hopper and Stephen Dorff!? This movie is too awesome for words. Deserved a bigger budget. The black rock asteroid sequence is some of the best space action ever.

Christopher S (br) wrote: While a solid film and well directed, this film could have been much better. I mean, in the late 1980s, Mel Gibson was the movie star and Robert Downey Jr. was one of the rising young stars. This film did not have to take the buddy movie route. It could have been more black comedy about life in Vietnam in a Full Metal Jacket type of way or it could have been a full blown comedy. I felt the no real identity of the film hurt the film. Still, pretty good and fast paced.

Pascal V (jp) wrote: Boris Karloff en vieil acteur sage est extra. La vision du post-modernisme am (C)ricain de Peter Bogdanovich est glaante mais tellement (C)clair (C)e !

Ryan C (us) wrote: This movie is actually great.

william b (ca) wrote: Bravo! Angie Dickinson.

Steve W (us) wrote: I found this a beautifully shot but rather lacklustre film. Considering the richness of the tale - a person who professes to love beauty but who can't love his wife, a wife who is brave enough to divorce her husband risking social scandal - the film is actually very bland. These deep emotions are hinted at so obliquely as to be almost absent. The characterization is also lacking - Ruskin's parents are one-dimensional monsters, Ruskin, effie gray are emotional blanks and millais is supposed to be passionate but seems midly grumpy. The best parts are actually the cameos - james fox, robbie coltrane and derek jacobi all steal the scenes they are in. Emma Thompson has written herself one of the liveliest parts, but her rather bright cheeriness jars with the mood of the film and doesn;t seem right for the period.