Tepenin ardi

Tepenin ardi

When some people from the other side of the mountain invade the territory of a farming family, the family head tries to unite the family and fight back. But then problems within the family start to appear as well.

In the quiet foothills of Turkey, Faik lives an isolated existence. When his second son brings his boys for a visit, Faik takes the opportunity to pontificate about the law of the land, as he sees it. He shares one unsolicited thought after the next, most particularly focusing on the elusive nomads whom he suspects have been trespassing on his property. The day and night wear on, and each member of the clan takes his turn entrusting the film's audience with his own dark secret. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cattera Y (kr) wrote: The Change-Up is relaxing in a stupid way

Bylgja P (us) wrote: well not so good movie

Tim W (mx) wrote: Funny in a Jackie Chan kind of way with great chemistry between Jackie and Owen along with great action sequences by Jackie (of course).

Orlok W (mx) wrote: This time Chuck Norris confronting an ominous psycho-killer--Chuck faces the bogeyman!!

Guillaume H (ca) wrote: Id like to give one star to everyone involved. For showing up on the set. Its important to at least participate, and you did. Kinda. And Linda Blair, sure you are bad in this, but you are not merely bad. You're the worst. And thats gotta count for something. So here, take another half-star. As a whole, its badly shot, edited, written and acted, it should last 75 minutes but goes on for a 100. When it should accelerate, it slows down. Its not totally tone deaf but it is rythm immune. It takes itself 100% seriously. All the kids are stupid in a very awkward way. And the story is... Forget it, the story simply is not. So, a grand total of 1.5 stars. Now lets forget about this. Forever.

James C (de) wrote: Quality dipped on this second spoof installment, was less serious than the first and it suffered as a result but still a decent watch

Martin T (jp) wrote: One of the best Sherlock movies. Except for the awkward bits of propaganda, it contains few of the flaws apparent in some of the other films. Watson isn't nearly as idiotic as usual, mysteries are doled out generously (if perhaps resolved a bit too quickly), and it's delightfully suspenseful. The Macguffin is casually passed around a party in a scene that's downright Hitchcockian. There's even a few genuinely funny moments, that thankfully don't involve Watson being an imbecile. Quite fun.

Christopher P (kr) wrote: It's as if they wanted to make a snuff film version of "Swiss Family Robinson"

Ruben A (es) wrote: I liked it. All around memorable movie. Acting was meant to be comedy. Marlon is half as over the top as he usually is GREAT THING. perfect comedy when youre just wanting to relax unless youre offended by big black dick.

Chris G (us) wrote: You really have to work at staying awake in this movie.

Lars J (br) wrote: I remember finding this movie to be somewhat of a gem when I saw it. Small, indie, simple.