Tera Mera Ki Rishta

Tera Mera Ki Rishta

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Canada-based Meet, along with his pushy mom, Natasha, travel to Punjab, India, in order to attend the wedding of his cousin, Harman Kaur. It is here he rather dramatically meets with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jorel D (gb) wrote: Mysterious, romantic and time traveling! What if you could go back to Paris in the 20s? And hang out with Picasso, and Hemingway, Fitzgerald and even fall in love with people from the past? Possibilities are endeless! Midnight Paris! Check it out!

Mohamed F (br) wrote: A beautiful movie about family ties and brotherly love and a nostalgic piece about Hong Kong in the '50s, though a bit too sappy for my taste, and it was told in a classic manner, reflecting the '50s Hong Kong setting of the movie.The story takes too long to establish the setting and characters, but that probably helped the stronger impact at the end.This happens to be Hong Kong's official submission to the Oscars this year, and knowing the Academy through their history of nominations and awards, I could possibly predict a nomination for this movie.

Stephanie H (gb) wrote: this was okay and that kitchen guy and the guy helper was cute

Dan M (de) wrote: One of his better attempts at making a movie in recent years. Seagal goes back to basics in a standard revenge flick. Adopting his greatest ever southern drawl he dishes out street justice to the gangbangers that 'keeled maah surrrn'. 3.5 stars because; for a change Seagal is not dubbed throughout. He also does ALL his fight scenes and there are a few, as well just being a simpler film which is altogether easier on the eye and cinema brain filter. Check out the pimp from Deuce Bigalow as the main bad-guy...complete nutter throughout.

Mohammed H (kr) wrote: "You're raising the bar here, WHY? set it UP HERE!" WOW! first of all, I'm a sucker for matthew perry, really, he's a great actor & chandler is my favourite in friends.. so, when ho do a movie like that, it glows in me!... See More it's very moving and interesting subject, yet not original but to the point, how to understand human to help them, even or especially if they were a teenagers, you get into their stumble worlds to set things right for them as they now want to be better in their own. you go right to their homes, interests, problems, and you use one to fix the other, by a simple way that they would get and apprecciate. however it wasn't exactly that simple, not just a bright teacher helping some troubled students so they can pass the finales, it has much more if you wanna see.

Julien V (ca) wrote: l'excellente monica cervera

Steve J (gb) wrote: An interesting look at the world of stand-up comedy from backstage. However, I thought that a movie about comedians would be, you know, funny.

Konrad R (nl) wrote: I think it's my favourite movie with John Cusack and probably my favourite movie with Angelina Jolie (of whom I am not a fan at all). Really nice and positive!


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