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Walter M (de) wrote: "If a Tree Falls" is an insightful documentary that could have used a little more distance from its subject, Daniel McGowan, who is facing charges of terrorism and possible life imprisonment for arson which he committed while a member of the Earth Liberation Front(ELF). What is being explored is how an activist moves from peaceful protest to more violent means of expression. As shown here, it can have something to do with being pepper sprayed during civil disobedience which is cruel on somebody intent on giving themselves up. Specific to this case is the frustration at witnessing the destruction to the forests by corporate logging. While the documentary is definitely sympathetic towards McGowan, it also talks to all sides including law enforcement and logging company executives who explain that they plant six trees for every one cut down, per law. So, maybe if they could communicate that better to the protesters, things might not be so acrimonious between the two sides. The documentary explores another failed bit of communication which is the word terrorist and how overused it has become. As McGowan says, what he did was just property destruction, wherein nobody got hurt, even though it is inferred that the ELF was taking on more sinister aims before it shattered. So, just because a person is more afraid after being mugged, does that make it terrrorism, too?

Abigail S (jp) wrote: The story of woman who did A LOT of ideological heavy-lifting.

Nate T (kr) wrote: Occasionally funny bits can't make up for how odd the movie is. Some gross-out gags are worse than others. On Blu-ray.

Ghia E (de) wrote: I always enjoy the buddies series. They are so awesome!!! :)

Rachel B (it) wrote: They should make a part 2 of this movie

Brandon W (fr) wrote: Fun watch. Deep movie at times.

Michael T (de) wrote: The Stepford Wives go to high school; for indiscriminate viewers.

Bradley K (ca) wrote: Not good in any conventional sense but very entertaining for the same reasons: a ship with boobs, a character known only as "cowboy" with a whiskey soda dispensing fannypack, references to sex as "mating", buxom Amazonian space warriors... Knowing this should either sell the film or turn you off.

James B (gb) wrote: while it's beautiful and exquisite, it's fluffy to the point of being pretty boring. I actually turned on the commentary for the last third, and that made the movie much more interesting. the camerawork, sets, constumes and even acting are all wonderful - ophuls truly was one of the best at directing that stuff - but the movie just wasn't that interesting from an entertainment perspective.

Caleb J (ru) wrote: Ummm... Am I the only one who liked this movie? :/

David K (ca) wrote: sucks initiated 15% then unable to watch might as well uninstall

Baron Daniel C (us) wrote: Scary Movie definitely will give you a laugh or two and some feel goods on a late night if you're not looking for too much horror. The film does a decent job at playing satire on current films of the day, the year 2000. The Wayanes bros play different roles, one as a in the closet but very obvious gay man, and the other a stoner. Other characters perform different, being either too stupid to know what's going on or very aware and being unable to escape their fate. Some don't take the obvious route to escape while others get away who you would have rather have died. The film doesn't take itself too seriously, white being self referencing and drawing heavy on other horror franchises.

Timothy S (gb) wrote: Filmmaker Sam Peckinpah is well known for his films that feature over-the-top and sometimes gratuitous violence, but what makes his infamous film "Straw Dogs" so effective to me is not the violence itself but the exploration of what it takes to transform a pacifist into a killer. The male lead, wonderfully played by Dustin Hoffman, is essentially spineless, and you get that sense right from the beginning that he knows he's in way over his head in his marriage to beautiful Susan George. Elements come along that definitely bolster that assertion, such as his inability to confront the men who have apparently murdered the family pet, a group of men that includes someone George was once intimate with. Things come to a head with the controversial rape scene in which George ultimately seems to be enjoying the encounter, and that brings up a lot of uneasy feelings that beg to be explored but are probably best left alone. Even the climax, in which Hoffman proves he can be just as despicable and bloodthirsty, is more about human emotions than violence, when his wife seems to be more interested in helping their attackers than her husband. That kind of emasculating betrayal is much more difficult to process, for me anyway, than the bloodshed.Peckinpah is a masterful director, playing his audience and seemingly relishing the thought of them wrestling with this moral dilemma. That mastery has rarely been as effecting as it is in "Straw Dogs", a movie that transcends the thriller genre and has a lot more ethical predicaments that you would expect in a film of this nature. It's definitely not for all tastes.

Mike J (au) wrote: Some decent stories, but nothing special.

Benjamin M (br) wrote: Mississippi Grind is a great movie, Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds are incredible as the leads, the story is interesting although a little repetitious, the themes of gambling addiction are well represented. Overall, watch this movie, it's a great time through Mississippi.

John W (us) wrote: Starring Richard Attenborough, John Hurt and Judy Geeson. Attenborough is terrifying as the serial killer John Christie, who, in the late '40s, framed his tenant for one of his murders. Based on a real case, this film lead to the abolition of the death penalty in Great Britain. Directed by Richard Fleischer.