Teree Sang: A Kidult Love Story

Teree Sang: A Kidult Love Story

An under-aged couple fall in love, face opposition from the girl's wealthy parents, elope, and go on the run from the police.

An under-aged couple fall in love, face opposition from the girl's wealthy parents, elope, and go on the run from the police. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Todd H (nl) wrote: I had so-so high hopes for this movie. Needless to say, it was a big disappointment in practically every way. It has nothing more than an 80's B movie feel and the CGI was horrible. The best parts of the whole thing was the short interviews of a couple survivors an actual footage of the rescue. The history of the mission is amazing and honorable for the men that lost their lives in the Japanese attack as well as the shark attacks. Unfortunately Hollywood, low budget and poor acting doesn't do justice for this story.

Dane P (ru) wrote: There is some sort of effort and its shot really well for a youtube film. Though the forced humor, stock characters and uneeded film references really makes it not a pleasant expirence

Cody M (au) wrote: High-concept, low-budget horror comedy about the order of the Hellbound Saints, a band of exorcists who live lives of sin in order to be tempting targets for the demons they seek to banish. But when one of their order is taken over by an evil Norse god bent on destroying God, they find they may just have their work cut out for them. Featuring a talented cast led by Clifton Collins and Clancy Brown (as the foul-mouthed leader of the order), the film has a perfectly irreverent tone that has a lot of fun with its central premise. However the movie does have a problem staying focused, which can cause it to meander even on its short running time, though director J T Perry does at least have enough talent to keep the audience invested in its eccentric characters and plot, even when the budget shows at the seems.

Mathieu P (ca) wrote: cool movie about what terry fox went frow

Sheeva S (br) wrote: Amazing. A must watch. We have been socialized to fear childbirth so corporations can profit. I am not surprised.

Obaid A (ca) wrote: I'll always regret the loss of fifteen minutes that I could bear with this movie. I wish I never had.....

Jayakrishnan R (au) wrote: 77%Saw this on 7/3/15Well, a lot lot better than the teenage love stories like Twilight they send out every year, but the sweet story of Flipped is often marred by treacle. However, the unique cinematography (the snake scene) and the story telling are to be praised.

Corbin R (it) wrote: Unfaithful adaption. Poorly shot. Big reveals of the book spoiled in first 2 minutes of the movie. Essentially a big slap in the face to fans of Ayn Rand's monumental work.

laura w (mx) wrote: A good plot but parts of the film just don't work and it is undeniably too long.

Reece C (it) wrote: i love this film the perfect amount of humour and thrills and a phenomenal cast one of the Coen brothers finest films.

Matt T (de) wrote: This biography of Ludwig von Beethoven (played here by Gary Oldman) builds its narrative around an actual letter found after his death, addressed only to the composer's "immortal beloved."

bill s (it) wrote: Just reinstates in my mind what kind of talent we lost when Williams said ado...at the tipity top of the list of best Williams movies.

Stuart K (de) wrote: Based loosely upon Charles McCarry's 1979 novel The Better Angels, and brought to the screen by veteran writer/director Richard Brooks (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) and Elmer Gantry (1960)), this is a pitch black satire on the power of television news and government manipulation. It ends up being more honest about today's world than funny. Set in a world between now and later, where violence is rife and TV news is nothing more than sensationalist, Patrick Hale (Sean Connery) is a world-roving news reporter, whose reports are always dramatic and over the top. But, despite this, he's always able to get in and interview the big world leaders. The film begins with Hale travelling to the Arab country of Hegreb, to interview King Ibn Awad (Ron Moody), but Awad learns that U.S. president Lockwood (George Grizzard) has ordered his removal. In retaliation, Awad sends two suitcases to be detonated in America and Israel, unless Lockwood resigns as president, it's here that Hale uncovers a complex plot that reveals the world and it's governments are being manipulated by the CIA. It's interesting to see Connery try something different like this, and he makes a good reporter too, but the plot does let it down and it does get too complex for it's own good and it ends up not knowing what it wants to be, a social statement or a black comedy. But, it has a good supporting cast including Hardy Kruger, Katharine Ross, Dean Stockwell and Leslie Nielsen.

Colin P (mx) wrote: When I rented this movie I was told that it was a sort of proto-Tim Burton piece. There are definite Tim Burton flourishes, from the Gorey-esque imagery to the Danny Elfman sounding score, but I might be more inclined to describe it as a cross between Terry Gilliam and Evil Dead. The story revolves around a young seminarian who is forced to pray for three nights over the corpse of a young woman he accidentally beat to death. It's pretty much just about the horror, but if a theme can be found it's the dogged determination that people can have of denying their mistakes, and the consequences that can bring (namely, a bunch of herky-jerky monsters crawling out of the walls and pawing at you). I think Gilliam is a better contemporary for Viy because the production is so colorful and the mood is often so silly. Mostly as a result of it's characters, a group of outrageously stereotypical Russians, magnificently mustachioed and drunk on Vodka. But while being a little goofy it also presents no small number of genuinely odd images. And that's where Evil Dead comes in; the creatures twitch, convulse and relentlessly torment the protagonist much in the same way that nasties in Evil Dead did fifteen years later. Not to mention the wild camera and sound work, which make the movie feel downright modern. There are problems, mostly the erratic lighting that jumps from looking like it's early morning to mid-afternoon from shot to shot, but overall Viy proves to be a fantastic movie to wallow in the weirdness of.

K K (it) wrote: Fun in parts (I was surprised to the see a stunt here lifted for Indiana Jones - which actually seemed a little ahead of its time in this context). Ultimately too long (2 hours), and Hopkins, much as i like her quirks and love her in comedies, is a little tough to follow, motivation-wise. Poor Bogart makes Charlton Heston look good playing a Mexican. Pair this up with The Return of Doctor X for a long and curious evening

Michael K (us) wrote: Better than the reviewers would have you think. I thought Costner was pretty strong in the lead, a serviceable film if not that remarkable or groundbreaking in terms of it's plot structure of story setup.

Cathy C (fr) wrote: Having nice stereo 3D and amazing comedy. MVA is an big in your face adventure. Review by Logan Cornn.