Terminal Error

Terminal Error

Michael Nouri stars in this high-tech thriller as Brad Weston, a digital tycoon who must fend off attacks from his former partner, who's unleashed a computer virus onto the entire system at his firm Autocom. But the virus appears to be a true menace that's determined to destroy anyone -- or anything -- that comes its way. Now, Weston must rely on his son (Matthew Ewald), a teenager with a penchant for hacking, to stop the menace in its tracks.

Powerful automation software begins to make decisions for itself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon D (it) wrote: Less of a documentary and more of a visual essay, and despite a genuine interest in the subject matter this film struggled to maintain my attention!

Nica S (ca) wrote: Shocking with its stark contrasts between wildly humming sexuality and dirty voyeuristic tendencies, Stranger by the Lake offers a look at homosexuality and desire with a sarcastically lackadaisical attitude.

Paul G (fr) wrote: not really a 'documentary' as much as a lovefest. A third of this is guys who show off their really old Macs. Does nothing to add to what you could read about Apple in say, a Wikipedia entry that was a few paragraphs long. Would've loved to have seen some more in-depth kind of stuff, or maybe a look at Apple's fall and rise, but this was extremely flat.

Eric O (es) wrote: oh pixar shorts, how i love you so. this one's in my top-tier

Robert B (gb) wrote: Tekkon Kinkreet is stunning and easily the best animated movie (I've seen) in years. It has the vibrancy and surrealism of Paprika, the emotional intensity and violence of Evangelion, with the urban action sequences and complex cityscapes of Akira. Of course it is not a simple mish-mash but has a character all its own and emphasizes on the need to have a place called home and people that are family.

Private U (au) wrote: En elndig soppa som inte alls lyfter, essutom med direkt historiefrfalskning i scnen dr YL sjunger hymn ur Finladia - orden skrevs frst 40 r senare!

David A (kr) wrote: Somehow cute, very sad :(

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Shawn F (au) wrote: The sweat from my balls!

Hugh O (ag) wrote: If anyone finds this on DVD please send me a copy !!!Its a forgotten classic !!

Lucas Y (us) wrote: Timeless. Probably the best "loner" movie ever. Travis Bickle is fed up with the night animals of NYC and is about to lose his shit. Wonderfully shot. Arguably the best Scorsese/DeNiro collaboration.

Andr D (ag) wrote: "Arabesque" puede pensarse como un homenaje del director Stanley Donen a su pelcula "Charade", que a su vez es un homenaje del director al cine de Hitchcock. Aqu, un norteamericano experto en jeroglficos (Gregory Peck) viaja a Oxford para descifrar un mensaje codificado y se encuentra con numerosos peligros y a una mujer fatal con muchos vestidos de Christian Dior interpretada por Sophia Loren. Espionaje, traiciones, romance y un gran sentido de lo visual, hacen de "Arabesque" toda una delicia cinematogrfica.

Fabio V (jp) wrote: Starts of slow but turns out to be such a great film. Cuba Gooding Jr. Should have won an Oscar for his performance in the film.

john s (ru) wrote: Very good story etc. It would have been a lot better if they hadn't made them sound like Elvis.

eleni k (nl) wrote: Best movie of all time! The story was amazing and hands down my favorite movie! I could watch this movie multiple times and not get bored.

Rasmus S (gb) wrote: I thought it looked interesting - but I fell asleep to this movie. Twice. So I've never actually watched the whole movie, but it can't be that good ;-)