Terminal Velocity

Terminal Velocity

A maverick skydiver and a former KGB agent team up to stop the Russian mafia from stealing gold.

A maverick skydiver and a former KGB agent team up to stop the Russian mafia from stealing gold. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Terminal Velocity torrent reviews

Craig M (fr) wrote: Disclaimer: Missed the first 10 minutes.

Lamar W (it) wrote: The wing old man ip as with all martial arts movies great fights great build up great visuals very dope movie not over the top raid style but good action

Official C (ag) wrote: Viggo Mortensen truly shines in this crime drama that is both gritty and compelling, and very well-directed.

Chris M (br) wrote: A lovely movie. It avoids most of the difficulties common in parallel and occasionally intersecting stories - but not all - I wanted more of the concert pianist and the art collector and none of the actress and waitress.

Chris S (de) wrote: A dark, spooky, and not to mention well-written supernatural horror flick. Though I was confused for most of the entire movie. I have to admit is truly atmospheric.

Paul J (gb) wrote: It's the movie Microsoft doesn't want you to see.

Greg W (us) wrote: another taunt thriller from director brian depalma

Shiloh Y (ag) wrote: Not many people know this but this was actually the inspiration for the Blair Witch Project and (subsequently through Paranormal Activity, Grave Encounters and others) the entire modern "psychological horror" genre it is also the scariest film I have ever seen and i'm someone that thought Saw was hilarious and Sweeney Todd made me hungry but this...it still gives me nightmares...

Jose H (ag) wrote: Poesa Argento-Canadiense

Karl M (fr) wrote: The first movie I ever saw Roberto Begnini in, many years ago, was this flick. A really hilarious movie in which Dante (Begnini) is a school bus driver who steals fruit, is trying to scam disability payments, and then gets mistaken for a mobster who's marked for death. It works so well because Begnini is just entertaining to watch and he pulls off his character so well.

Timm S (ru) wrote: Two Great Comics Explore Death & Making The Most Of What You Have..A Slow Sunday Arvo With Ya Mother Kinda Flick, It Ain't Too Bad.

Jennifer J (jp) wrote: One of the little 80's gems I could watch more than once :)

Walter C (es) wrote: The plot is an out of work carpenter is given ownership of an older Jewish woman's shop by government order. He becomes friends with the older woman who is mostly deaf. When the Nazis come in with their trucks to take the Jews away to concentration camps, he tries to hide her. It's a fantastic film that starts out light and gets darker as the story unrolls. All the characters are interesting and the two leads give great performances. An excellent movie well worth checking out.

Kyle B (br) wrote: Phenomenally hilarious!

Matthew H (ru) wrote: One of Inarritu's finest earlier works, Babel succeeds as a drama with a real human heart, and gets its message across easily. It requires patience to watch, but is a must-see for film buffs.

Jonathan G (us) wrote: Good action movie with a fitting conclusion. Well executed and acted film.

Rob P (mx) wrote: I would have enjoyed this more when I was 13. A few minor visual gags, but otherwise lame.

Brandon S (us) wrote: Not the greatest movie. Dennis Hopper was the best part.