Terms and Conditions May Apply

Terms and Conditions May Apply

Have you ever read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies connected to every website you visit, phone call you make, or app you use? Of course you haven’t. But those agreements allow corporations to do things with your personal information you could never even imagine. This film explores the intent hidden within these ridiculous agreements, and reveals what corporations and governments are legally taking from you and the outrageous consequences that result from clicking “I accept.”

A documentary that exposes what corporations and governments learn about people through Internet and cell phone usage, and what can be done about it ... if anything. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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J M (es) wrote: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Jacob P (kr) wrote: I dont see this as a thriller, or much of an action. but. honestly. this is in my top 5 favorite movies of all time. some parts of this movie made me cry. great drama. made my heart weep, and not just because of my acid re-flux.so good, absolutely love it

Niklas J (es) wrote: The first part is brilliant, but the second part is lacking considerable although still interesting. But it could, and possible should, have been split into two separate movies.

Sean S (ca) wrote: Straight up comedy handled ably by Koo and Chan which is great. However, they put the kid in danger a lot...I mean a lot including one scene where they are reviving the baby with cables attached to a car battery which somewhat damps down the fun a little. But on the other hand you will never see anything like this in a Hollywood comedy so the risks may pay off for some viewers. Also breaking the Hollywood mold the main characters do some really despicable things before they learn the inevitable lesson.

Allan C (us) wrote: Each Hellraiser sequel seems worse than the previous. This one is only helped by the presence of Kari Wuhrer, who I've always liked, even though she's never actually appeared in a good film, unless you count "Beastmaster 2" or "Anaconda." Like the two previous Hellraiser films, the script for this film was originally written as a non-Hellraiser horror story and was later decided to add in The Cenobites and other Hellraiser elements to make it fit within the franchise. The story here involved a journalist, Wuhrer, investigating a group who clam to be able to bring back the dead and is slowly sucked into their strange and secret world, which involved the mysterious puzzle box and the deadly Cenobites. Meh. Nothing good here except for some halfway decent special effects and Doug Bradley continues to be good as Pinhead, at least for the the little amount of screen time that he and the other Cenobites have. Don't bother watching this one unless you feel compelled to be able to say you've seen all of the Hellraiser films.

Matt S (ag) wrote: best in the series hands down

Inderjit S (ag) wrote: What a shit film! Deleted off my hard drive as soon as i'd watched it. I'd been downloading it for a week. Wanted to watch a good film about Homosexuality from the 1960's. I watched Victim (1961) and was very impressed with how they dealt with this subject matter at a time where the act was still illegal. Reflections in my recyle bin more like. Those critic don't half talk shit; don't listen to 'em man. You don't really get to tell that this dude (Brando) is gay, it's really boring. Watch Victim anyday of the week over this bollocks.

Peyton C (mx) wrote: Adam Sandler's best movie.

Janelle N (kr) wrote: I like and would definitely love a series