Terra É Sempre Terra

Terra É Sempre Terra

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1951
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Terra É Sempre Terra torrent reviews

Adam R (de) wrote: (First and only viewing - 2/15/2011)

Joe M (fr) wrote: Def a eye opening film. The characters weren't Will and Grace types for the most part. So my girlfriend won't watch it, but that works since I can only take 5 mins of that show anyway. I would say it's a [i]suspenseful [/i]and [i]moody[/i] trip. Downward spiral that starts out slow and picks up speed. Worth the wait. These days, A.D.H.D. (no offense folks but I don't have it) seems to give people an excuse to not have any patience or appreciation for timimng. Had me on the edge of my seat, borderline frustrated. Think that's why they called that guy Hitchcock, the [i]Master of Suspence[/i]. I say, check it out. I did on a fluke. Great job on a budget. Hope to see some of the key players in future films. Would have liked a little [i]more violence[/i] (he he) but that would only had to a job well done. Told some friends about it, they think I'm crazy, so I told em to check it out themselves. You too!

William G (br) wrote: This film lives up to what it was intended to be: a funny spy-family film. With Jackie Chan's charisma, combined with a heartwarming story, this movie is a clear success.

Andrew T (de) wrote: Brilliant on every level.

Karl M (de) wrote: Almost good, but not quite. Pretty poor acting, but decent music, and one of the more interesting body disposal methods I've seen in a while (not quite up there with the wood chipper from Fargo, but close). Basic plot is that things go horribly wrong after the guy in a couple kills a would-be robber with his own gun. I think more involvement from the police who investigate the killing of the robber would have helped to ratchet up the tension and move the story along a lot better.

Stuart M (nl) wrote: Aww man, Frakes you're better than this. The same goes for Kingsley but then I'm used to seeing him appear in bad movies. But Frakes man, you directed my favorite Star Trek film and showed real talent. But this... It looks like Spy Kids, only without the sense of fun. And with worse acting. Honestly, how could the original cast of puppets be better actors than flesh and blood performers? Sure, focusing entirely on three kids separated from your seasoned performers for them to play off of was always going to be dangerous, but these kids are remarkably flat even given the circumstances. While the dreadful script is mostly to blame for that, Frakes has to take some responsibility. The "martial arts" scenes would have looked cheesy even in TNG fight scene. Used to working with experienced actors he has no idea how to handle children, and for some reason he manages to screw up the pacing on even the few decent moments the script throws up. Rush rush rush to get to the end. A worthy goal as it happens, but it makes the entire film a real drag.

JJ D (ca) wrote: good acting by Jolie

Elijah P (ca) wrote: wow how geand. its a roller coaster the whole thing is that the best way to get it to be able to make sure that you have any other way around the house and the kids to be able to get a better sword in the library and the kids to be the most popular and I will post random crap I have been sold. You can find a way to get the most important thing in common with you and your friends and family members and their children to be the most part. also this movie isnt just for kids a plane is going to be a gun and the kids will be shots of my friends and relatives and the other guy is coming up with a new job and the other guy is going to be posting pictures of your own home and garden. this movie is scary like jesus the legend of the day. but dont u worry about it and the rest of your life and death of passengers and their families and friends to see you there. if thats got u down though I have a bag of chips and the other guy is coming to a new job and I will post a picture of my life and the kids to bed at a very long time ago and it was dragon balllll the tomb of my friends and I have been sold.

Gregg D (nl) wrote: I saw about half this movie late early in A.M.,(3-5 -12). Good study of a disturbed mind.

Jessica H (ru) wrote: Out there, but at least it's a dance film with substance.

Patrick W (au) wrote: "I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member." One of the best love stories

R Charles S (us) wrote: It was a struggle to get through this boring, tedious film.

Steve G (ru) wrote: A film dedicated to a W.A.S.P. song. Jokes. I admire Truffaut for taking on what must have been a directorial challenge. Incredibly fascinating. Well done. The kid is very good. Seems quite realistic. Solid performances from all of the main players. Even Truffaut. Excellent music, too. One of the most moving scenes was when Victor cried for the first time. And it was genuinely encouraging when he spelled 'lait' (milk) correctly. Then, even more so during the montage where he began to understand the concept of language. It felt like a triumph. Progressively, the film became more detailed & more interesting in the development of Victor's learning process. Every continued experiment makes perfect sense in context of his burgeoning cognitive abilities. And each is portrayed rather brilliantly, through both dialogue & direction. It was taken to a whole new level when the issues of justice & morality were first introduced. Seeing him go back out into the wild was terribly disheartening. But watching him come back to his old home, of his own volition, was an absolutely joyous moment.Overall, it's a wonderful cinematic accomplishment. An engaging study. It's nice to see a Truffaut film for once that isn't mired in some illicit or untoward subject matter. Hats off.Though, I still believe it would have been better if the W.A.S.P. song was included on the soundtrack. :P

Cody B (au) wrote: This movie gets better every time I watch. Adam Sandler is funny. Bob barker appears in this movie and the clip is great must see

Dave M (us) wrote: Amazing film! Effects are awesome! Story is tremendous! Must see for all. Great all round film, intense and gripping.