During the severe economic crisis plaguing Spain during 2010, Leo and his friends spend their unemployment days visiting different rooftops around the city, letting time pass and enjoying themselves, unconcerned by ground-level reality.

During the economic crisis ravaging Spain during 2010, Leo and his friends enjoy a convenient charging situation unemployment insurance. In his thirty discouraged by the working environment, spend their days visiting different city rooftops randomly chosen to spend the hours doing nothing. Amid the current apathy and evasion, Leo discover that perhaps never before stopped to think about what he really want. The relationship with his girlfriend Ana and her best friend Mario mark the beat of its evolution to the point where he have to decide whether to continue the same old life, or change follow his instincts and take own initiative. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javier E (mx) wrote: Un relato estilizado sobre una realidad mexicana. Vale la pena. (Texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

Vickie R (nl) wrote: I found this whodunnit surprisingly (exciting?). It had a very solid plot and a satisfying ending, the only problem I had with it was that I felt Jillian's character could have done with a little more development.

Sweet Poetic R (de) wrote: a rather interesting movie....a very moving movie...it really touched me and i really understood the meaning of why the father felt that he had to take a trip to china to do something for his dying son...also as i watched more of the movie, it had more meaning....i really liked it...it was a sad movie but with a happy feeling to it....

Russell H (nl) wrote: actually rather entertaining. I mean, it's a little stupid but the cast was great.

Chris A (it) wrote: Good music. Will Ferrell is awesome in it. Has some very breathtaking scenes. NOT a comedy.Favorite Quote:"If this be magic, let it be an art, lawful as eating."

Kenneth L (br) wrote: This is a fun little mixed bag of a movie. It's mostly a comedy, but takes stabs at serious drama here and there, and has a little romance, and tries to be a thriller near the end. While it isn't a particularly stunning example of any of these genres it tries on, it's always entertaining in a relaxed, low-key sort of way.'The story is fairly simple: a mousy but pretty young woman (a very likable Robin Tunney) with a passion for excellent 80s music (seriously, this movie's soundtrack is to 80s music as Saturday Night Fever's soundtrack is to 70s music) is framed for vehicular homicide by her stalker and placed under house arrest. The movie pretty much goes from there. The movie is at its best with the light comedy of her attempts to deal with her newfound confinement, and her relationship with the deputy in charge of her electronic bracelet (a goofy and earnest Tim Blake Nelson). It eventually moves on to other things, and those are fine enough, but this is one movie where the best part is definitely the middle.The movie was released in 2002, but for whatever reason feels very, I dunno, 1996 to me. The cinematography and direction are mostly very typical of your average 90s movie, though the director Finn Taylor does pull off some shots that are eye-catching in a music-video kind of way. Ultimately, this movie doesn't blow your socks off, but it's a pleasant diversion.

mari e (jp) wrote: muy maton... pero me gusto la peli...

Eric P (us) wrote: it was kinda nice to see these characters again but i was really depressed to see how Debbie turned out. The scenes with john milner are equal to the original.

Martin C (gb) wrote: not that memorable...a bit odd that it is a cronenberg film.

Albanese C (kr) wrote: I SIMPLY LOVE THIS MOVIE

Jeremy B (ru) wrote: A genuinely good effort in the period of the silly spymania movies that either outright spoofed Bond or tried to outdo him. Strangely, Richard Johnson's Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond really has nothing to do with the earlier incarnations of the famed detective and seems to be the character in name only. Nevertheless, thanks to a quite witty screenplay that features interesting characters and some clever dialogue, helped enormously by a cast of very talented and charming actors, this film elevates itself above the dozens of other mid-to-late 60s spy movies.The girls are lovely, lead by the always alluring Elke Sommer and Sylva Koscina, with a terrific -- and sadly brief --appearance by the gorgeous Virginia North. Well directed by Ralph Thomas who never lets the pace slow down. It also features a great theme tune by the Walker Brothers, the lead singer of which is the legendary Scott Walker. All fans of the 60s spy film absolutely must see this film, and its not-as-good-but-still-worthwhile follow-up called Some Girls Do.

FiV (it) wrote: A fantastic film. Overly pretentious here and there but full of so many allegories and slides of chance. Characters fall a bit flat because of the focus on the protagonist but plot and message are the key facets. Legacy and emotions.

Ali T (fr) wrote: the best Spider-Man yet

Peter F (ca) wrote: Controversial when released for its concept (the taming of a dog trained to maul black people), White Dog is another instance of Sam Fuller turning the schlocky into the subversive. While certainly shocking in its violence, and occasionally campy with its execution, White Dog features some fantastic filmmaking, including some of the best animal stunts to appear in a film in the 80s. Its topical climate also hasn't aged a day, and it's arguably even more disturbing now. Tightly paced, and lifted by a score by the ever-excellent Ennio Morricone, White Dog is a great latter-day film in Fuller's catalog.

Sheridan P (ca) wrote: Very slow, but once it gets to the point, pretty good message. Vengeance is useless.