A Sicilian family deals with the arrival of a group of immigrants on their island.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Italian,Sicilian,Amharic
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,   widow,   boat,  

A Sicilian family deals with the arrival of a group of immigrants on their island. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliabeth C (br) wrote: Could have been really good with better actors. If it hadn't been for the little twist at the end it would have been a total disappointment.

Daniel V (fr) wrote: La pelicula mas mala que vi en mi vida. Mal actuada, salvo alguna excepcion. No es una pelicula barata, pues tiene muchos extras, efectos, maquillaje,... Y no se gastaron ni un poco para re pensar situaciones que quedaron muy estupidas. Ni siquiera comparable con las de Ed Wood.

Alison W (fr) wrote: This movie has an deep meaning and catchy music, i love this movie

Rabih H (jp) wrote: Terrible, horrible, terrible! Yes it deserves two terribles. Do not look directly into the screen because its a full frontal assault on all the senses. Dialogue that is so downright vomit worthy that you should either wear noise-canceling headphones or prepare to fill bucket after bucket. And the acting, or lack thereof, it's preposterous that someone was given the green light to produce this piece of crap script, with these so-called "actors" and a production level that is just below our family home videos. And make sure to bring the nachos because this movie packs in the cheese... tons of it! OK, I feel better now... WAIT! I just remembered, Steven Segal is in old-Chinese film quality dubbed over for roughly half the film. How? Why? I am so utterly confused by this film, I am going to go crawl into the fetal position now and cry.


Kristy C (mx) wrote: This is a great movie! I watched it once YEARS ago and forgot the title. Finally, after searching all over the internet, I found the name of the movie. It's really spectacular. It shows how alienating a foreign city can be to someone who is from a completely different world.

josiah s (us) wrote: cannibal ferox is a movie that happened shortly after cannibal holocaust. it is an ok movie the gore was gross but not as gross as cannibal holocaust.

Noah V (mx) wrote: This is something of a lost gem of a Jackie Chan flick. The action sequences are shockingly old-school for Chan, but the sheer amount of them more than make up this- also, if you pay attention, you may notice Jackie giving the jerk-off gesture and flipping the bird mid-fight on two occaisions! Good plot, good supporting cast...

ken k (ag) wrote: Most of you are probably too young to remember Andy Griffith pre The Andy Griffith show, however if you want to see why he was targeted for fame please do yourself a favor and watch " No time For Sergeants" It is a true classic that will entertain you and your entire family over and over. I believe it is where the Gomer Pyle character was born but frankly even better. Not dated and funny without one foul word. Once again a true " Classic" Ken K.

Alex T (br) wrote: One of my all time favourite films, which despite watching countless times, hasn't lost any of inital wit, slickness and charm. Hugh Grant's best film in my view.

Travis W (kr) wrote: Firewalker is my Chuck Norris guilty pleasure.

Nicki M (ru) wrote: I liked some things about this movie and others not so much. First the pluses - I loved the 80's setting and the quaint little town it is set in. It bought back a lot of 80's memories and familiar sights (and fashions). Just based on this alone, I liked it. Now the not so good - the ping pong. I mean, okay, it's in the title. I can't claim to be shocked that this movie is a lot about ping pong. But wow. Boring. The young cast are unknowns. I guess I can understand why they went that way as it does help the feel of the movie to not be distracted by famous faces. Though not all of them are great. It kind of has the feel of an 80's movie you could rent for $2 on video and never have heard of. Probably exactly what they were going for. The older cast include Amy Sedaris, Lea Thompson and Susan Sarandon. Overall a movie I liked but didn't love.

Michael K (ag) wrote: Serviceable actioner, but I have seen better films from Lundgren and Van Damme.

John K (gb) wrote: Wonderful play, and wonderful performances.