Terror Firmer

Terror Firmer

TROMA crew are the only folks capable of stopping a crazed hermaphrodite from continuing it's violent rampage!

A homicidal maniac is on the loose in the city and the low budget film crew on a Troma movie have the power to stop them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Coralie R (br) wrote: Dead Europe maintains a tense atmosphere throughout the movie. The story travels from Australia to Greece, Paris and Belgium and follows the journey of Isaac on his first trip to Europe to scatter his father's ashes. Some interesting characters emerge that contribute to the stories that Isaac's family has been cursed. The film goes to some unexpected places, and has a brilliant cast that tackle the subject matter head on.

Thomas B (ag) wrote: ****It's easily the best of the Hobbit trilogy, with great action, great performances and a nail-biting cliffhanger (with any potential being squandered in the next movie).

John T (au) wrote: This was filmed very well. It looked so good.

Karsh D (it) wrote: Another excellent film from Spike Lee as a struggling actress takes a job on a sex phone line - and becomes a very popular girl. Some excellent cameos and a good strong cast make this very watchable

Jesse R (us) wrote: This was the first film that got that ball rolling for Steven Seagal, who like Jean Claude-Van Damme would rule the late 80s and early 90s with karate action flicks. I thought this was a very good film to get Seagal's film career rolling.

Lucas G (au) wrote: This movie it's so natural and subtly tragic it's haunting. Top notch movie.

Luke P (mx) wrote: Slow, but pretty funny