Terror on Tour

Terror on Tour

A rock band called "The Clowns" comes under suspicion of murder when several prostitutes are killed by individuals made up like members of the band.

A rock band called "The Clowns" comes under suspicion of murder when several prostitutes are killed by individuals made up like members of the band. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jos M (es) wrote: Visually breathtaking and boasted by bravura performance from Francisca Gaviln, Violeta se fue a los cielos is a remarkable and deep journey through the life of the complex Violeta Parra.

Ak K (it) wrote: haha what a loser story. it's like a long excuse to shoot some T&A. i think this is actually soft porn.

Daniel B (nl) wrote: Although its a mockbuster if Transformers 2, its still a good movie to see. I enjoyed the scenes where the robots attacked the Earth. And this movie takes place in Bakersfield!

Roberto A (gb) wrote: Sad history, I'm shocked

rick r (nl) wrote: "Bread Crumbs" is a 2011 horror that goes for broke in an attempt to combine a disturbing horror plot with a classic, often overlooked, disturbing didactic, fairytale of two children left tend to the elements, deep in the woods. "Bread Crumbs" is directed by Mike Nichols and stars Kristina Klebe, Dan Shaked, Marianne Hagan, Zoe Sloane, Alana Curry, Douglas Nyback, Shira Weitz, Steve Carey, and Mike Nichols. The plot follows a porn crew and cast into the woods to shoot a movie. Unfortunately there is a twisted brother, sister duo using the area as their personal killing field. The story is pretty cool with a basic principle of setting the characters up for a kill scene which for the most part work without seeming contrived. The drama and action begin almost instantly and manage to keep a steady, straight forward pace through most of the movie without becoming exhausting. The porn set concept brings plenty of flesh to the screen but in the most censored, conservative manner. Nothing really explicit here (by my standards anyway). However, it is obvious that entwining the "Hansel & Gretel" aspect to the story is very much contrived, playing out more like a bit of stretched, nonsensical moments of weak dialog meant to bring the viewer to the breadcrumbs "table". Still the kids are so d*mn dark and disturbing that it manages to pull off a good concept in a, "middle-of-the-road, mediocre way, but it does get there. The soundtrack and special effects in "Bread Crumbs" really make the film enjoyable for me personally. I can forgive weak dialog, loose story arcs" as long as the effects and sound track hold me to the story and drama unfolding on screen. Nichols does a pretty good job tying it all in to make a fun, standard horror mythos in "Bread Crumbs" with eerie sounds, and a strong attention to practical effects and blood consistency. The film doesn't give us a new look at horror or bring something extraordinary to the genre but it is an entertaining, modern classic that stays true to the roots of the genre. It gave me that 80's feel that I only get with a certain type of horror movie story, I dug the homicidal brother and sister and the unfinished ending is beyond retro! (That is a good thing cause retro is candy for me!)

Chris B (jp) wrote: I tell ya, some B-movies just have the "it factor." There are DOZENS of faults in this film, but that is to be expected considering its resume. I grant you, neither a religious zealot nor an devout atheist will enjoy this movie as much as a a moderately spiritual person with more of an open mind. You've heard all about Heaven & hell; what about the tweeners with unfinished business? Purgatory and the battle over a wayward soul..how can a movie like that not probe your interest for 90 minutes??

Stephen F (mx) wrote: Running on Karma could have been a much better movie, but not for lack of trying. The aptly-named Big (Andy Lau) used to be a monk, but abandoned his temple when tragedy allowed him to visually sense the karma of others. Now a hulking stripper, he runs into Lee Fung-Yee (Cecilia Cheung), a greenhorn vice cop adrift in the police bureaucracy. Lee finds a use both for Big?s intuition and martial skills, but Big?s growing affection for her is hampered by his knowledge of her inevitable demise. When Big shares his gift with Lee and informs her of her fate, she goes on a journey to redeem the sins of her past lives and sends Big on a quest to confront his own failures. While this will appeal to most as a martial arts flick, audiences should be prepared for a few mood-breaking nuances, including the latex muscle suit word by Lau throughout the film. Though it could be said that the girth of the main character illustrates how even the strongest of us cannot escape our destiny, it still looks awful corny. But, even with fake muscles and the overt use of wires, Directors Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai render violence in a creative style that is totally worth watching (especially the guy that can fit in a suitcase?willingly). The character of Big may not be complex, but the talented Lau brings a lot of life to the role and seems to have fun strutting around with biceps as big as his real legs. Cheung?s character was delightful as the innocent-but-useful Officer Lee trying her best to catch the bad guys, but failing so miserably. The story, though dealing with a rather timeless premise, did not feel rushed but let characters breathe and react to their environment instead of just to each other. The ending was very ?Zen? and will doubtless mean a lot more to students of Buddha than to the casual observer, but was not heavy-handed or unfitting. Given the thorough execution and the fact that one would not notice the muscle suit if Lau didn?t move around in it, I give this movie an 7/10. A guy who didn?t like crime dramas might give it half that much, but nothing butters me up like an opening scene filled with bodies, fingerprints and homicide detectives. Not so wild about the pole dancing.

Leah T (au) wrote: Poorly written and acted. Trite, saccharine, with implausible "miracles." Awful soundtrack.

AlSameer C (ag) wrote: Hulk(2003) is just another forgettable and boring movie that tries to bring the green raging beast to life. The action is good and the movie can be entertaining. Sadly, those were the only two good things about this movie because everything else is over-the-top. Eric Bana is not a bad actor, but his Hulk portrayal was too relying on CGI eye-popping bad visuals and most of the other actors can scream too much, kinda like Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation. The action is good, when the movie isn't so slow. I almost fell asleep on this movie but stayed awoke just to make this short review. If you wanna see a well handled hulk movie, go see The Incredible Hulk. This movie is probably one of Ang Lee's weakest to worst movies.

Jeremy N (es) wrote: Una pelicula loca de Espana.

Andres V (gb) wrote: Interesante documental sobre la produccion masiva de alimento que requieren las sociedades en que vivimos hoy en dia.La calidad de las imagenes es preciosa y no necesita de dialogos lo cual logra que cada cual use su cerebro para tratar de inerpretar lo que esta viendo.Silenciosa, cautivadora, impactante.

Jackson M (us) wrote: I actually really like Alien 3, it has a sort of psychological horror aspect to it that I love. I can understand why people hate it, but if you can forgive the movie for it's faults you'll have a lot of fun watching.