Terrorist Hunter

Terrorist Hunter


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English,Filipino,Tagalog
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rescue,   kidnapper,   kidnapping,  

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Terrorist Hunter torrent reviews

Nikki N (au) wrote: This movie is Satanic, horrific, disturbing, disgusted, confused and dark as HELL that it will takes months to be cleansed from it!!! This movie nearly possess me and I know I will never watch a digital animated or maybe sleep ever again

Sunder S (gb) wrote: A movie worth watching despite one or two cliched tracks. Standout performances make it even better.

Net S (ca) wrote: An 'easy watching' British film. Some great humour and music, all with a happy ending. A great feel good flick :)

Ingrid S (mx) wrote: Really how do u act out a time not sure what is going to be like, actors do they best they got to work with, story line well watch it and find out :)

Shelley B (ru) wrote: A 'sleeper' sort of movie. Fun and good music.

Les G (jp) wrote: I saw this movie as a kid one night because my mom randomly rented it for me. It's real slow, but gets totally crazy around the end.

Andy F (kr) wrote: A stunning atmospheric film which is haunting and uncomfortable viewing, yet it is also perversely beautiful. The first Bergman movie to really stir my soul.

Donald W (jp) wrote: This is a bad, historically inaccurate Western. It begins with the name, "Raiders of Old California". It begins with a U.S. Cavalry attack on a Mexican outpost. The Mexican uniforms were right and the Mexicans were using the muskets from the Mexican War era, but the Americans were dressed in uniforms from the Indian Wars of the 1870's and were using Sharps rifles from the Civil War era. They also had Colt revolvers from the 1870's. The only ones using revolvers in the Mexican War were the Texas Rangers and they had Colt Walker cap and ball pistols. During the Mexican War the American horse soldiers were the U.S. Dragoons and they used a primitive breach loading carbine with a percussion cap lock. During the Mexican War the Mexican towns were on the Pacific coast in California and were captured by the U.S Marines and Sailors with the help of the American settlers of California. Later in the movie we find out this outpost is between the Pecos and Rio Grande rivers. That's not in California; it's in West Texas and New Mexico. The plot of the movie is that the evil American soldiers were trying to Mexican's land that had been granted 150 years before by the King of Spain. The fictional Spanish land grant covered half the state of New Mexico. In the real war all the Mexican in that area lived in Santa Fe or El Paso. The Mexican governor of New Mexico surrendered Santa Fe without a fight after being bribed by an American agent. The rest of area was inhabited by Indians. In the movie the U.S. Marshal has to cross Comanche territory to get to Mexico. The Comanche's territory was in West Texas and the Texas Panhandle, not California. The Comanche Indians in the movie weren't even dressed right. Lee Van Cleef and Jim Davis played the evil ex-solders in the movie trying to lay claim to Mexican's land. Somehow they had Winchester rifles that weren't even invented until after the Civil War. This is almost a liberal propaganda film that twisted history to show that the evil American Army stole northern Mexico and that a U.S. Judge and U.S. Marshal gave the land back to the Mexican inhabitants. The truth was that this land was claimed by the Republic of Texas before Texas became a state. The Spanish settlers in New Mexico weren't that loyal to Spain or Mexico and had rebelled several times. At one point the Pueblo Indians who had been enslaved by the Spaniards forced the Spanish out and had to be re-conquered. Most of the inhabitants were Navajo and Apache Indians who hated the Mexicans. Before the war the U.S. was a third rate power and most Europeans thought that the Mexicans would win the war. California was on the verge of declaring independence from Mexico and could have allied with England or Russia. The national security of the United States required that the U.S. take control of New Mexico and California.

FilmGrinder S (ca) wrote: To much pillow talk between Cooper and Bergman (her hair cut doesn't do her justice).

Taylorcom (au) wrote: weird.. you`ll have to watch it to understand where im coming from.

Jessie M (jp) wrote: I absolutely loved this movie as a kid. I watched it again as an adult and realized how sexist and racist it is in the way that old movies can be, but it still brought back good memories.

Gunilla A (jp) wrote: Quite good accept fr the role the US plays... saviour of the world... as they want to see themselves, which is not always true. But on the other hand, I would probably be this patriotic if I was American.