Tesouro Perdido

Tesouro Perdido

A group of bandits look for a treasure map. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Qi Z (fr) wrote: The fun part is to see Colin Firth fading into a workaday middle-aged man. The female lead is incredibly mis-casted. She inspires no sympathy but annoyance. This film fails on having her as a companion for self-discovery.

Simon R (ru) wrote: My least favourite Harry Potter film

Tim G (kr) wrote: I very much enjoyed pretty woman this Cinderella story richard gere and julia roberts give great performances as corporate mogul and a hooker who helps gere in a business deal also ralph bellamy gives a good performance as the business man gere is dealing with and hector elizondo as the hotel manager, the thing I didn't like was Jason alexander as geres overbearing jackass attorney

bill s (ca) wrote: Works for adults and kids.Great cast and nice memories.

Allan C (kr) wrote: Enjoyably cornball martial arts action flick. The hero of the film has to take a cursed sword to settle some scores between two feuding masters. Nothing original here and you've seen this film a hundred times before, but it's entertaining enough.

Don S (gb) wrote: Incoherence is obvious. Charlize Theron does her usual capable performance. Jason Bateman is ok but Will Smith is over rated for a reason. The other characters carry him. This is an annoying little move that is hard to watch. The story is poorly told. Will Smith is simply wrong for the part. He hasn't done a performance the warrants A list status - ever. In his more successful movies the plot of supporting characters carry him. Nothing can carry him though this disaster. Given the number of critics ripping on this film, I would say they know what they are talking about. mediocre execution. Very weak CGI and then whose the bad guy? Weak screenplay. Starts out stronger than it finishes.

John Meg S (ag) wrote: This movie is fucking trash

Robert P (nl) wrote: This movie needs more Carl Weathers and less everything else.