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Testigo torrent reviews

Linda W (es) wrote: Just not funny and by the end all you want is for the silly mess to be over with.

Elian D (nl) wrote: Excellent documentary on the evolution of Superman throughout history.

Evan C (ca) wrote: The combination of PTA and DDL leads to arguably the greatest portrayal, in cinematic history, of a tempestuous, flawed, and inevitably tragic hero.

Jourdan C (es) wrote: This may be a "Lost in Translation" rip off, but I did enjoy it. I like the idea how he's an asian white washed (also known as a banana) guy who is lost and is in search for his identity. He tries to find a 'home' for himself, where he goes through a journey of confusion, hate, sex and love. Not really original, but for some reason, it didn't bother me as much because I guess I connected with Liam. The only problem with the film is the terrible over exaggerating acting from most of the actors and the relationship between he and the high school girl which I found kind of disturbing and perverted. But overall, I think it's a decent film. Ken Leung is a good actor and it's great to see him in a leading role.

DG j (de) wrote: The sleepy town of Hgbotrsk has no crime, aside from the occasional wandering cow and only three cops who liven up their days by eating waffles, or in Benny's case daydreaming of American cop style shoot-outs. It's a life that Jacob and his fellow officers love and one that looks to change forever with the threatened closure of his beloved police-station. A town with no crime has no use for cops, so the station decides to quietly make some crime of it's own, with chaotic and very unpredictable results.....!

Kathryn E (jp) wrote: Not what I thought it would be like.

Paul D (us) wrote: To this day I still think this is one of the best written Batman movies of all time. If you like Batman, you need to see this if you haven't already. Show your kids and future generations. This is a near perfect Batman experience.

Jennifer M (de) wrote: An involving good movie

Gianluca C (br) wrote: The music. The scenery. The characters. Cheesy in a few scenes but all in all unmissable. WATCH THIS!

Brad W (es) wrote: Love it! A buddy picture with sci-fi, action, comedy and it has a heart!

Graydon B (de) wrote: A pretty good ending to the series, but still has its issues. However it again is still an entertaining & fun film!