Coming-of-age adventure about two teenage brothers and their struggles to grow up, on their own, after their mother dies and their father leaves them.

Coming-of-age adventure about two teenage brothers and their struggles to grow up, on their own, after their mother dies and their father leaves them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Baris O (es) wrote: This movie should be good to watch.

Adam M (de) wrote: What could have and should have been a beautiful family story was list due to confusion. It might have helped to have a handout of the family tree so the audience didn't spend 30+ minutes trying to figure out who's who in the family. And there was confusion on who was narrating and who was the camera person, which in turn was who the narrator was speaking to. Too much confusion.

Jacob M (gb) wrote: What if someone hacked Batman's genius to take out the Justice League? The exploration of that question is what drives this fun narrative. The voice work is fantastic as always with an interesting premise. The story is compelling and DC hits another home run.

Jeff S (mx) wrote: Would have been a great 60 Minutes segment but doesn't work as a movie. The subject matter around extorting poor Russia families and their 13 daughters needs to be told.

Jim F (kr) wrote: Wouldn't have fooled me. Looks like a woman for sure. Enjoyed the story though Knobbs was a creepy person indeed

Meghan H (au) wrote: Stephin Merritt = the best melodies and lyrics. The Magnetic Fields are unique and delicate and holy.

Luke B (mx) wrote: All I have to say is... this movie is complete and utter trash.

Aswin W (us) wrote: Kind of bored me for a short time only the start but later on was watchable. There some parts funny and not as showed different character view on one man..Adam that was interesting. Hmmm wouldn't watch again.

Jason M (it) wrote: Just gets better with every viewing.

SA H (kr) wrote: My go-to NY love letter. Really interesting narrative on relationships and how they intertwine uncontrollably.

Helen P (br) wrote: Moore was better in this thriller than in his Bond roles. Great flick

Hobie P (au) wrote: Boring not a slasher fans dream I will tell you that

Aoife S (nl) wrote: Not bad! Stuck fairly true to the book!!

Justin H (ca) wrote: Wow. I haven't seen a movie as ambitiously bad as this one in a long time, and coming from me, that's saying a lot. How bad is "Scarecrows"? Well, let's take a look.There's some of the worst "day for night" footage I've seen this side of an Ed Wood film for starters. It's so pathetically done that characters will be running through a field in the dark, and the camera will cut to what they're looking at, and suddenly it's the middle of the afternoon. Then there's the fact that a good 80% of the dialog is for all intents and purposes, phoned in. Literally. You'll hear voices of characters who aren't onscreen, or who have their backs turned, or--in the most ridiculous example--onscreen, facing the camera, yet not moving their lips at all. It was so constant with one character that I thought they decided to go with the "inner monologue" route, to avoid having to pay him extra for actually talking on camera, until he finally moved his lips about half an hour in. Then there's the dialog itself, which is bad to the point of being painful for a couple of reasons: first because of how poorly it's written, and second because it never stops. There's always -someone- chattering away about something, except for a handful of scenes that are blissfully devoid of lines like "I think this place is full of demonic demons."Apart from that, the scripting is wildly inconsistent, with characters talking about things they haven't seen, people and objects seemingly teleporting around, and character relationships changing at the drop of a hat. There's also a hand grenade that doesn't explode for nearly 30 seconds after the pin gets pulled, a guy obsessing over his harmonica, a character HEARING SOUNDS through a night vision scope...do I really need to go on? The sad part is, "Scarecrows" isn't really even worth it for the cheese factor. There are some spots where the jokes come easily, but a lot of the movie is just slow, ponderous, and painful.

Jason D (br) wrote: The best parts of this for me were the moments of touching interplay between Cohan and his wife, and a scam he and Harris run. Outside of those sublime witticisms, the film has impressive technical aspects and talented actors who can sing and dance, but is mostly a very conventional biopic, a hagiography with little conflict or obstacles once success is first achieved.

Chris C (ag) wrote: Great acting and brilliant first half, but second half wanders a bit and concludes a bit too open-ended for my liking.