TGO: American Summer

TGO: American Summer

Documentary following the personal lives of racers through the motocross outdoor season.

Documentary following the personal lives of racers through the motocross outdoor season. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


TGO: American Summer torrent reviews

Luke G (mx) wrote: this would be epic to find in school

Scott W (us) wrote: What the... did my meds just kick in? Cool effects. Make sure you can watch this in one sitting. Can be rather confusing at times. And not like in a cool "Jacob's Ladder" kinda way. Still - worth a watch.

Anthony V (ru) wrote: An exploration of life from a true survivor. Gives you a interesting perspective from Iran, not often seen. Entertaining, touching and visually stunning.

Kristal C (it) wrote: Not bad even though it doesn't veer too far from the "don't go in the woods" hallmarks of the genre. The ending was especially stupid.

Mark B (br) wrote: A fun little comedy with a great cast that still feels like it could have done more via a richer script and more laughs.

Tuomas R (it) wrote: Seagal on ultimate luonnonsuojelija! Miksi ei usutettu Seagalia BP:n kimppuun? Tydet pisteet paska -asteikolla! Vaikka on varmasti yksi Michael Cainen uran pahimmista pohjakosketuksista.

Christopher B (au) wrote: Good times abound in Van Bebber's opus. Despite it's low budget, this is a rollicking sleazefest made with a lot o' love and there is plenty to enjoy. Gang fights, extreme violence and a wicked (that's right, wicked) Van Beeber performance make this a must see for trash fans. Watch on a bill with Darkness, Lethal Force and Combat Shock for no budget movie mayhem marathon.

Nathan R (ca) wrote: Peckinpah stole the french new wave "cool" for America with this Action Adventure flick.

Andy C (it) wrote: I get it, cowboy in modern world, OK. Still not sure where you draw the line between struggling to adapt and just acting stupid.

Connor B (ru) wrote: Hey, I got a much better title for this film: S**tzilla.

Marjon O (mx) wrote: It was like ratatouille acted out in person but with a lot less humor or creativity. Just meh.

David D (nl) wrote: Brilliant movie with an exceptional performance by Katie Boland as the world's most unassuming drug pusher...Chet hadn't a chance...