TGO1: The Great Outdoors '02

TGO1: The Great Outdoors '02


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A look at the 2002 AMA motocross series. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


TGO1: The Great Outdoors '02 torrent reviews

Joe M (ca) wrote: This was a very good movie. As with most Chinese made movies, the costumes, set design, scenery were all beautiful. The Chinese have a good sense of drama. Great action, special affects. Everything they do is in a grand scale. The story is also very good. Basically of redemption, and thirst for power on the other hand.

Barry T (mx) wrote: This was a bittersweet drama comdey that was so touching in parts.

Dimitar B (au) wrote: Incredibly dumb and historically inaccurate movie. Only the visuals and Boyarskaya deserve something approaching a rating.

Yama R (es) wrote: Whereas MONSTER CAMP depicts live-action role players as sad clowns who should do more pushups, DARKON illustrates how emotionally compelling the scene can be, and makes its players seem almost like heroes. Who should do more pushups.

Joey H (au) wrote: The story of an old man who decides to live alone in the wilds of Alaska. He builds his own shack using old fashioned tools.

vedran j (ag) wrote: In my oppinion movie is : honest, fun, ntelligent, there is something for every one ....actors are great, especially Robert Downey Jr.

Rodney S (kr) wrote: A very unnerving French thriller that definitely wears it's influences on it's sleeve. Although Lynch, Kubrick, Hitchcock and Bergman are probably staples in Director Dominik Moll's film school, it would be unfair to give him his own due credit for the fine thriller he has created. All performances are pitch perfect for the material, and their is thick tension guiding the viewer and the main character Alain Getty through the events portrayed. I am excited to see what the director has in store for his next film.

Brian P (fr) wrote: I don't really have anything positive to say about this movie, so I will just leave it at that.

BRiana C (br) wrote: American Beauty takes a whole new look at the American Dream. While I can agree that Kevin Spacey did an amazing job in his role as Lester Burnham, I think this film is grossly overrated. It makes its social and moral commentary much to overt for my enjoyment. I also could not wrap my mind around the character Lester's arch. He goes from an average guy with a boring monotonous life to an anti-hero willing to engage in sexual activity with his daughter's best friend as well as blackmail his wife. It's not that this character arch was unbelievable, but more that it was unsatisfying. To me it was an attempt on the writer's part to make the film as edgy and biting as possible, while sacrificing the story line in the process.Another point of discontent was the rose thread, which symbolized lust and passion. I felt it was too overt for the viewers. There is no element of this film that is difficult or trying to grasp; it is all very in your face, leaving nothing for the viewer to ponder as they leave the theater or walk away from the screen. I did appreciate the methods used in the film that contributed to the cinematography as a whole. The use of the mundane sounding elevator tunes throughout the movie conveyed the boring nature of the average American life beautifully and was a marvelous thread that stayed consistent up until Lester was shot. The sameness conveyed early in the film by the sets matching the characters' outfits was also a choice I appreciated that further exemplified the theme of monotony. Although some elements of the film did contribute to some enjoyable moments, overall I believe it was not as great a movie as others believe it to be due to overreaching on the writer's part to give it immense shock value, although it did convey an important social message in the end.

Allen G (nl) wrote: I tried to like this, as its plot was certainly quirky and would surely make for some good comedy moments. Indeed there were a few but by the end I was bored and watching this hardly felt like it was worth the effort. What can I say? Chucky just isn't a very endearing character now, is he?I like the premise and Jennifer Tilly's voice is great for the role but I don't particularly like Chucky or, by extension, the film's overall sense of humour. I rolled my eyes more than I sniggered or laughed and the film's tongue-in-cheek nature didn't seem to make it any less-unappealing to me. I like the low-budget wacky horror genre as much as the next person but Chucky feels dull and lame here. There's nothing particularly thrilling about the violence and it really just felt as if all of the boxes were being systematically ticked. Hardly an exciting experience. Why would I watch this when Evil Dead 2 exists?

Ethan P (nl) wrote: A sweet and simple film about an unlikely friendship, Driving Miss Daisy is worth seeing just for Morgan Freeman's joyful and dedicated performance as Hoke. There are some corny moments and some attempts at examining social issues of the past, but the most interesting and amusing part about the film is its two leads.

Evan H (fr) wrote: this movie is too much! the Chinese drive thru scene is the best scene in the whole movie ;)

Nita S (mx) wrote: Way better than the critics ratings. I enjoyed it

Andrew L (ru) wrote: must have watched a different movie. it's mediocre.