Bharani, a hot headed man, tries to peacefully resolve the conflict between the families, from the one which he belongs, and the one from which his lover belongs. But several circumstances force him to use his fist than his heart first.

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Esteban G (ru) wrote: "All of a sudden you turned into a Snow White."Corazon de Leon, which translated in english means Heart of a Lion, is a very funny romantic comedy that also delivers an important message about social prejudice. Yes, it is formulaic and is full of cliches, but at the same time it has a lot of heart and works thanks to two great performances from Guillermo Francella and Julieta Diaz. Francella had a memorable role in the Oscar winning The Secret in Their Eyes, and once again he stands out in this comedy. Julieta Diaz, however had an even more difficult role because she was the conflicted character who had to walk a fine line between remaining likable to the audience while at the same time struggling with her inner self and getting past any prejudice she could have. It would've been very easy to dislike a character like this, but Julieta Diaz handles it with grace and somehow she remains a likable character and shares an excellent chemistry with Francella. The theme of social prejudice has been handled before in many films, but I don't know if it has been done better than in this film. Between all the laughs and funny moments there are also some very serious and touching moments dealing with this inner conflict of accepting someone for who they are on the inside. The Farrelly brothers dealt with it in Shallow Hal, but without the same effect that Corazon de Leon has. This time the social prejudice has to do with height, since Diaz's character falls for a man who is only 4 and a half feet tall. Behind all the laughs and funny gags there is a serious underlying tone about how ridiculous our social norms are. This prejudice exists and is very alive in all of us, despite us not realizing it. The film works not only in making the audience laugh but in making us think about the ridiculous standards we have made up as a society in what we consider as normal.Ivana Cornejo (Julieta Diaz) is a lawyer who shares a law firm with her associate Diego (Mauricio Dayub) who also happened to be her ex husband. They've been separated for the last 3 years. One night she receives a phone call from a man named Leon (Guillermo Francella) who has found her lost cell phone (which she actually tossed in a park after a heated discussion with her ex over the phone) and is offering to return it to her. The two have a very interesting conversation considering Leon has a great personality and is very charming. The two agree to meet each other the next day and when they do, Ivana is surprised to see that Leon is actually a dwarf. Her shock is apparent and Leon understand, but somehow he convinces her to go on a date with her. What Leon lacks in height, he has in personality. He seems to be the perfect man, and Ivana loves being around him, but she also feels conflicted because of the way people look at them in public. As they begin to grow closer and closer, she also realizes she has some prejudice towards him as she tries to keep him away from her circle of friends. This conflict is the heart of the story since the two seem to be perfect for each other, the problem being trying to overcome her prejudice.If it weren't for all the cliches in this film, this could've been much better, but I still think it stands out as a fun comedy from Argentina. I would definitely recommend this for the great performances and sincere direction from Marcos Carnevale who wasn't afraid to get dramatic and serious when he had to. In that sense it works much better than other comedies that try to send a positive message about social prejudice. The screenplay worked well with very strong characters and a good supporting cast including Guillermo Francella's son, Nicolas playing the same role in the film, Jorgelina Aruzzi playing Ivana's secretary, and Nora Carpena playing her mother. I was laughing out loud during several scenes in this film, and despite knowing where the film was heading I still had a fun time. One may argue that Francella's character was one dimensional in the sense that he didn't have any flaws and was perfect, but I think it was necessary in a film like this focusing on the prejudice we have towards others only based on their physical appearance. The conflict was basically based on this issue, because everything else about this person was flawless.

Cory A (us) wrote: So gross! Peeking through one eye at times. Loved it.

Anthony I (ag) wrote: It's absolutely, beautifully edited, and impressively written. Christopher Plummer is awesome in this. The father, son story mixed with the whole idea of his own father coming out later in his life is an interesting touch that makes Beginners stand out among other dramas out there. It's an LGBTQ friendly picture, that truly packs a punch for everyone all around. That scrappy dog is adorable too! But the problem was, any time Plummer wasn't onscreen, i tuned out immediately. The romance between McGregor and the french girl bored me to death.. I apologize, I do.. It's just not my cup of tea. It's not a film I'd advise against, for anyone however. There's a lot of praise to go around.

Monalee P (ca) wrote: Whoa! So many tears - without spoiling it, I sure never expected I would think a no-good cheating scoundrel would turn out to be a blessing! lol...& I must say, <3 for the Irish! <3

Christopher S (gb) wrote: George and Mike Kuchar are two of the most interesting cult figures of the 20th century, and this documentary portrait captures their lives and art in all of their lively eccentricity. As funny and entertaining as it is deep and culturally fascinating. Highly recommended.

Katrina J (kr) wrote: Umm... First movie I have watched of the year. Seriously it was awful. You know, some family movies can be good, some family movies can be cute, but this ws no way cute or anything. What brothers me was how clich it was, the dialogue was clich... I almost laughed sometimes. I even watched it twice because I missed the first half hour - so I saw the last part in Danish (and the boy sounded like a girl..) and the first part in American. That helped enough but the one star goto the character Shasta the Alaskan Husky dog - I liked him - both in Danish and American.

Steph J (gb) wrote: me and mi mate watched at her sleepova n she was hidin under the covers cuz she hates spiders

Sanford R (gb) wrote: Kind of cool, but a bit boring.

Alexandros T (es) wrote: Aliens land on a New Zealand town in order to extract the townspeople and turn them into fast food and it is up to four people to stop the aliens.This movie in its entirity is over the top and ridiculous (the poster and VHS cover speaks for the ridiculum, an alien with a Chinese AK on the left hand and flipping the bird on the right hand), but the film's ridiculous-ness is sheer beauty of Peter Jackson (Yes, Lord of the Rings director Perer Jackson)'s directoral debut. The acting is functional, the writing is decent, and the effects are clever, practical, ballsy and brutal, with thevonly flaws being poorly aged and some people (like me l) can tell this is an early film with a low budget (although I'm fine with it) making for a surprisingly hilarious film for the budget.Overall, Bad Taste is an impressive directoral debut, especially for the film titan known as Peter Jackson. If you like cult classics, go watch it. If you like comedic horror, go watch it.On that bombshell, time to go to Mickey D's.

Charlie P (au) wrote: Loving the Burton :-)

Allan C (jp) wrote: Where are all the great Easter party films? Well look no further than "Palm Springs Weekend" which features a group of crazy Los Angeles college students traveling to Palm Springs to party over Easter weekend. It's really just a silly Beach Party-type of film, but it's a pretty good one and has a bit more sincerity than most of the Frankie and Annette films. There's a solid 1960s teen cast that includes Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens, Stefanie Powers, Robert Conrad, Jack Weston, but for my money, Jerry Van Dyke really steals the show as Donahue's goofy friend. There is also very fleeting glimpses of Dawn (May Ann) Wells and Red (Memphis Mafia member) West. It's all very silly and frivolous, but it's pretty entertaining just the same.

Nikolai E (mx) wrote: Some really lovely montages, and a weirdly atypical and absolutely un-capra-like moral outlook. Once you get over the fact that you're rooting for the bad guys and there's not really going to be any guilt-ridden moral restitution, it makes a bit more sense.

Tio B (it) wrote: Have you ever heard the Walter Egan song "Tuesday Weld"? It's insanely catchy! Whatever happened to that guy? Anyway, you may share his enthusiasm after seeing this film, which influenced David Lynch.

Daniel M (ru) wrote: Not outstanding, but not the bore that it seems.