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Thakara torrent reviews

Louis R (jp) wrote: This essentially simple story becomes a genuinely astounding film: bolstered by raw and engaging performances, thoughtfully directed and filmed. Utterly captivating.

Bjrn S (us) wrote: Disappointing movie. The actors looked good, but the acting wasn't too impressive. And the cover certainly over-hyped the movie ("Intensely erotic!")...

Dave J (br) wrote: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 (1989) Young Einstein COMEDY Written, directed and co-produced by a person who has an unusual name called 'Yahoo Serious' whose inventive ideology is supposedly shown through this film as Albert Einstein of Austrialia who eventually wins the most prettiest girl. Thank goodness another movie of him wasn't released here again (if there ever was one) for it's movie debut in north America was a huge flop. It's silly, idiotic beyond belief and quite painful to watch for it was never funny for it's cheap gags which is nothing but self-indulgent tripe. Excruciatingly painful and intended for the simple minded who don't watch alot of movies or for children who're not required to think. Bomb

Curtis R (de) wrote: I've always been a fan of Werner Herzog and his films, but it's absolutely fascinating to see a film that explores his obsession and passionate filmmaking. While Fitzcarraldo has never been one of my favourite Herzog films, I almost feel like watching it again after seeing that. In many ways this film is a journey into the heart of an immense darkness (at least Herzog sees it that way; in a memorable scene, he contrasts Kinski's interpretation of an "erotic jungle" with one that is chaotic and fornicating, and then documentary director Les Blank contrasts it further with shots of the serene wildlife. Perhaps the beauty of nature is a facade for the chaos within, but the chemistry between the directors is fascinating), and yet it is also a triumph of the will. Herzog painstakingly overcomes the obstacles which hinder the production of his films, which include an extensive dry season, agitated Natives, sick actors and governmental conflicts, among other things. While I would have been interested to have seen the original Fitzcarraldo that Herzog had intended (with Jason Robards and Mick Jagger), Burden of Dreams is so introspective and philosophical in its scope that I'm glad that Fitzcarraldo turned out the way it did.

Art S (fr) wrote: One of Hitch's early British hits, with Peter Lorre as the charismatic villain. Unlike his 1950s remake (which starred Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day), the central couple here, played by Leslie Banks and Edna Best, don't quite distinguish themselves. But Hitch has always been about plot mechanics and the building of suspense rather than about characterization anyway and the plot here moves rather dynamically from an early murder to the finding and following of clues to the climactic foiled assassination and subsequent shoot-out. Hitch's wry humour is in evidence and Edna Best gets the final word (being an ace trap shooter, after all), unlike Doris Day. As Hitch put it to Truffaut, consider this the work of a talented amateur and the remake to be the work of a professional. Still great though.