Thambikkottai story is about the happenings around an old bridge at Thambikkotai. Thambikkottai is touted to be real life incidents in and around the town Thambikkottai, Thanjavur District.Narain and Poonam Bajwa play the lead roles in the film which also re-unites yesteryear's romantic and successful pair of Prabhu and Meena after a long time. Meena is playing Narains sister in the movie. The film has featured 20 artists and these characters will keep changing after every two reels giving a variety and pace to the film.

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Reini U (au) wrote: Based on an interesting true story of a small village fighting a bad hospital director who wants to close the loss-making maternity unit, it develops into a barely watchable mess of platitudes, a underdog all-girls sports team, humorous driving-lessons, social-provincial prejudices and boring relationship problems.And if the plot vehicle is not good enough, the music plasters it over.A terribly made feel good movie with a good cast, straight to TV.

Gabriella F (es) wrote: I saw this months ago and don't even remember any of it, with the exception of the naked girl the kids (?) were spying on.

Sal M (br) wrote: Movie about a bunch man-children..... I like it. Ironically more than the critically praised Popstar:Never Stop Never Stopping. Maybe this film didn't come out at the right time, maybe I have terrible taste in comedy. I don't know but this film is hilarious to me. Andy Samberg forever falling down the mountain had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt. Movies can be taken too seriously sometimes and this is definitely not a film you should be looking at for the basic movie formula. The plot is ridiculous, the characters over the top and the jokes are random. All together its a quirky classic.

James C (ag) wrote: Korean japanophiles will hate this film

Kevin J (au) wrote: Visually stunning, coarsely funny and at times upsetting, Greenaway has produced a film which explores notions of representation within art, without chewing art theory cud. Entertaining, you do not need to have read a John Berger essay to enjoy this film.

Steve S (de) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Damian M (es) wrote: One of the funniest movies of all time. A great parody of 80s rock bands! I would give this 11 stars if Marshall Amps would let me.

Joe J (nl) wrote: This movie is one of Michael Caine's least known performance, but in my view one of his best. The comedy is so subtle, you have to watch it a few times before you get it. Highly recommend.

Matthew J (es) wrote: 'Compulsion' tells a story worth listening to but unfortunately only the last few minutes may keep your attention. Never the less great Dean Stockwell and Orson Welles save some of this bland drama.

Scott C (es) wrote: Great title for a terrible film!

Scott H (us) wrote: Great B movie. The plot is expectedly basic, but Adkins fight scenes are top notch. Several gasp worthy moments. The camera work is excellent on the interior house fight sequence.