Thana Theke Aschi

Thana Theke Aschi

A suspect is looked for by an eligible police officer after a women allegedly committed suicide...

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Cory G (ru) wrote: Not your traditional horror movie. Where most fail and focus on all the gore and guts to gross you out this movie albeit a slow burn builds a slow relationship with you and the two main characters. Details which are usually omitted actually stick out in your recollection and endear you to the characters. Could definitely use some polishing and maybe even more current day dialogue. Interesting idea and the ending ironically needed more punch but really nice effort in the new age horror genre

Joe W (nl) wrote: I am a movie fanatic to the enth degree. It is so incredibly rare that I watch a movie that is an absolute waste of my time, but this movie actually made me depressed that there was no way for me to get my 1 1/2 hours back :'(

Victor N (br) wrote: This is a good movie filled with humor and Xmas miracles. It's always a pleasure to see favourite actors on one stage: A. Rickman, L. Neeson, H. Grant...Big figures like them have made a great job, creating their characters. Neeson appeared to be a good father (unlike "Taken"), Grant was perfect being minister.This is the only romantic comedy, that have ever made me laugh (for the record - I don't like movies like this). It also brought me some Xmas spirit, which worth 5 stars already+ good soundtrack, which is not my favourite (don't like pop), but I have to admit, that they know, in which moment to use it. These components made me feel better. And, of course, Christmasy. But, I have to take one star away because of a storyline about Colin (C. Marshall), and it's too naive.All in all, it's gonna be in my NY Movie list. If you haven't see "Love actually" - please do. You won't regret it)

Chetan V (es) wrote: As an Indian, I"m quite a fan of Jinnah (compared to the animosity held by my countrymen) and I was expecting a talented cinematic corrective to the film Gandhi and Indian national history.But what I got instead was what seemed more like a film-based national point-scoring project against India rather than in-depth study and analysis of Jinnah. I wasn't expecting Gandhi or Nehru to get better treatments, I was merely expecting a sympathetic look at Jinnah without becoming immaturely polemical, striking patriotic chords.I do hope another, better film about Jinnah is made in the future.The film deserves some respect for its attempt to treat Jinnah differently as well as for the 45 minutes of the film that were truly insightful and maturely considerate of the events from a perspective alternate to Gandhi's.Overall, however, in spite of its merits, its a film that only caters to its enthusiastic and patriotic Pakistani audience. The reviews on here suggest as much. It does not really capture the soul of this man as to make him endearable to others. It only magnifies his rumoured faults into strengths and ignores much necessary ground where Jinnah was ahead of Gandhi and Nehru (The Khilafat movement, 14 points and the Cabinet Mission Plan). It's a feel good film for Pakistanis and their idea of Islam rather than a true biopic that attempts to capture the spirit of Jinnah.I don't think I've seen a more esoteric biopic, both politically and culturally.

Enrica C (au) wrote: A personal childhood favourite of mine, "First Knight" tells the story of Lancelot and King Arthur and Guinevere. It's not exactly the real story, but it's really pleasant to watch -- the movie itself it's really detailed. Not much happens, but I always enjoy seeing it, so it's not a bad movie in my opinion. Sure, it's not wonderfully written, we all know the story and the writers kind of put the accent on Lancelot and Guinevere leaving the story of Arthur and his knights in the shadows -- but I still don't think this movie isn't good. I honestly like it. So I'd suggest you give it a try.Julia Ormond as Guinevere did a good job, but the real heart of the movie is Sean Connery and his King Arthur. Also, costumes are really great. Battle scenes stunning, and "First Knight" kind of manages to bring you back in time -- maybe that's one of the reasons why I've always considered this a good movie. Just go for it and see for yourself.

Vitor A (jp) wrote: This was a surprise! Really goes to show that you can never expect when a good film comes your way. Robert Downey Jr. really shines on this one, and for me, this is probably his best role ever. Ron Underwood's direction is, as always, smooth, simple, and yet manages to keep the viewer interested and amused throughout nearly 2 hours. This is the product of a great director indeed, one of those films you don't want to be over.

Steven P (jp) wrote: I was disappointed to read this was from the director of Lovers of the Arctic Circle, which I loved, because it doesn't compare to that at all. The success of the film relies too much on you not questioning the sense or lack thereof of the main characters' decisions (eg. a woman allowing a man she doesn't know to take her off with him on the assumption he won't just rape her the second nobody's watching) and the dream sequences are overused, which ultimately diminishes their effectiveness.

Diana L (nl) wrote: I had heard this was something different and scary. It's not. It's like a hundred other recent horror flicks, only without any real explanation to what is going on. It's only 98 minutes long, but it felt much longer. I couldn't wait for it to end.

Matthew L (mx) wrote: Aside from Cruise's portrayal of Vietnam Vet Ron Kovic, I found this to be an ultimately unsatisfying film. Yes it deals with the horrors of returning from war, disabled and the reactions of the population to a war they grew increasingly frustrated with. But aside from Kovic's transformation from 'All American' to embittered anti-war protestor and campaigner I felt the film ultimately lacked a conclusion or coda.

Henri N (ca) wrote: Tsui Hark's most perfect movie.

Yash B (nl) wrote: This is a movie that speaks volumes to now and will move you tremendously. Michael B. Jordan's delivers an incredibly moving performance and the supporting work is fantastic. The story is so simple that it feels real which makes it so much more tragic. It's a movie that definitely showcases the power of movies.

Jason T (br) wrote: You could do worse than Pay the Ghost but its still not worth seeing. The atmosphere is creepy but where are the scares? Some plot elements are silly. Performances are phoned in but at least Cage doesn't give a crazy over the top performance.