Thanga Meengal

Thanga Meengal

A poor man wants his daughter to be happy, no matter what comes through.

A poor man wants his daughter to be happy, no matter what comes through. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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paul s (jp) wrote: News flash - Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid faked their deaths at the hands of the Bolivian militia. Wow - ok, so what if ??? This is the jumping off point for Blackthorn (Cassidy's assumed name); in a film that takes place 27 years after the Bolivian "incident". Sounds promising, yes? Throw in the perfect casting of Sam Shepard as the ageing Cassidy, add some jaw dropping Bolivian scenery and you've got... a film that failed - not only at the box office, but artistically as well; in spite of the fine scenery and casting of its lead. I lay part of the blame at director Mateo Gil who all too often was at odds with himself, just as the old west fable was being replaced by cars, trains, and manifest destiny. Here he wanted to create an old style western; with horses galloping endlessly... but then he collides with Miguel Barros' script which is grounded in harsh realism (in other words, major plot points center on the fact that horses do NOT run forever). Gil wallows in the harshness as well, with several bleak horizons, dying or dead steeds, exposure to the elements and vast vistas with nothing to see except the characters involved - paying homage to Sergio Leone and his Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns. The story is a simple one: after hiding for 27 years, Butch discovers that his "nephew" (or possibly his son, which is never made totally clear - is the lad Butch's or Sundance's) is now orphaned in San Francisco. Having made enough money breeding horses, he decides to cash out and return to the states (and nevermind that said "orphan" nephew is now closer to 30 than 20). Of course things don't go well - he is shot at and his horse, with all his cash and guns, runs away. This leads to the introduction of a new sidekick, a Spanish engineer named Eduardo who convinces Butch to help him out of a jam with the promise of riches. Butch doesn't want to seem mercenary, just wants to get back the 6 grand he lost due to Eduardo shooting at him, but decides to help Eduardo escape the Indians who are pursuing him (who work for the mining company that Eduardo stole 50k from). There is a decent bonding story with some twists and turns, but the final twist is somewhat over the top; just as I found the reintroduction of Pinkerton agent Mackinley (nicely portrayed as a beaten down drunkard by Stephen Rea), while holding some nice possibilities to be sorely mishandled. That the film tries to infuse a No Country For Old Men sentiment in the interplay between Butch and MacKinley, it totally misses the mark, leaving MacKinley's justifications for his actions totally suspect. The film also backtracks quite a bit - flipping back 27 years to those last days on the run for Butch and Sundance and the girl who loves them both. I found these passages disconcerting and lacking any dramatic flair; and once again being at odds with itself. The glossing over of the original story would indicate that director Gil assumes you know all about Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid (otherwise, why see this film at all?) - and yet by including parts of the back story (and more what-if scenarios) - he has to perforce show actors who not only do not look like Redford and Newman, but can't hold a candle to their acting chops. So Gil painted himself into a corner, creating for himself and his film a no win scenario. Too bad, for parts of the screenplay and parts of the cinematography do mesh and work quite well - which of course makes the parts that don't all the more glaring.

Michael H (ag) wrote: Pleasant enough diversion with a likeable cast and a bit of uplift at the end. But there are no surprises and little effective drama or comedy. It's just "nice". After investing in driving to a theater and buying a ticket and watching an hour and a half of movie, the reward seems ... insufficient.

Talitha B (ca) wrote: I couldn't get into this.

Yury D (de) wrote: Sounds like a ripoff of Cellular.

Rick B (ca) wrote: This was a 2007 fantasy based on a Neil Gaiman novel. It was star-packed and really well-reviewed, so I can't believe I've never heard of it. Claire Danes was a fallen star (literally) with a very convincing British accent. Michelle Pfeiffer was a delightfully wicked witch, and Robert De Niro was an effeminate lightening pirate. It was bizarre watching him flit around in drag and call people "honey", but entertaining. It's definitely worth a watch, and ok for the kiddies--some innuendo that the little brats won't get anyway.

Tony E (ca) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed it and I wasn't looking to find faults with it, I just sat back and went with the film - it's great fun but don't look for happy endings, just one of hope. It's basically a sci-fi thriller concerned with the apocalypse that's initially exposed through a code given to a young child and many year's later by Nicholas Cage's scientist character. His character is already dealing with loss when he's convinced that he's cracked a code (contained within a school time capsule) reveals the date and location of tragedies eventually leads to a really big event. The scenes are filmed well and one is almost watching a character becoming slowly insane with his new found knowledge, as viewers we sympathise with him, it's his journey as a scientist, father and a son. Despite initial thoughts this is not an alien invasion film but one that has a biblical element underlying it. I feel other critics have been too harsh here and I would recommend it to anyone who has a liking for apocalyptic films or those with Nick Cage in them - he's really good in this. It's a couple of hours worth watching with a mug of tea in one hand and a packet of biscuits in the other.

ellie s (nl) wrote: the animation was unique and really fit the story - the washed out colors of the boring and the vivid colors of fire and blood really brought a kind of surreal to this sadly short film...the story had potential, but it wasn't reached. i never really understood what the 'Kai Doh Maru' was or what Kintoki was being attacked...i didn't quite get that she was a girl until 15 minutes into the movie...all in all if you know the story and you know what to expect it's pretty good, but if you just watch it not knowing what it's about i can guarantee that you won't get it. the Animation is the saving grace of this movie, it was very pretty and reminiscent of the time period this movie was based in.

Sacha D (br) wrote: Amazing performance by Hoffman. It's a powerful film, displaying a damn good representation of the degenerate gambler. Unlike most flms about casinos/gambling, this one isn't as flashy and fast paced; it carries it's weight with sheer drama, a solid script and genuine acting. It's a true story too - a Canadian one! 8/10

Ernst M (jp) wrote: Perhaps this rating is a tad inflated but there's something about sports movies (especially "true story" films) that grab a hold of me. Barry Pepper does an amazing as per usual.

Rob Y (ca) wrote: One of the better Seagal films, but that's not saying much. Bit more glossy that usual.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Romantic and hilarious, worth watching again and again.

Trevor B (ag) wrote: For the most part unoriginal and predictable, but that's just the kind of movie this is. A few laugh out loud moments.

michael n (kr) wrote: this movie is so bad. i watch it every time its on tv. sinbad trapped in a nintendo cage at the end is cinematic gold

Matthew L (nl) wrote: Stupid, cliched, unfocused, fun, enjoyable.

Eric P (ca) wrote: If you like the unlikely mix of Science Fiction and Romance, stunning music. This movie is PURE *MAGICK* !!!!!

Luis R (jp) wrote: I really enjoyed it, but don't know exactly why. the story is not as tight as Brazil or 12 monkeys, but immersion in Gillian's universe is a lot of fun, even, or maybe especially, when dealing with tragedy.

Joni J (ag) wrote: MARY POPPINS IS MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!! One of my ABSOLUTE childhood favourites X)