Thank You

Thank You

The film is about three husbands having affairs outside their marriage. One of their wives hires a detective named Kishen and finds out that their husbands are cheating. Their wives find out when Kishen scares them by blind folding them and when they tell their girlfriends list, Sanjana gets hurt and leaves and tries to commit suicide but Kishen helps her.

Three wives engage the services of a private investigator after they suspect their respective husbands of infidelity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Thank You torrent reviews

Mayank A (de) wrote: Surprisingly enjoyed it quite a bit. Parineeti Chopra as the goofy/quirky girl and Siddhart Malhotra as the carefree/smart guy were a excellent combination having great chemistry. The many light + emotional moments with the fresheness make the movie a good watch.

Cam D (br) wrote: I'm curious.. only because it has Marlon Wayans.

Tim J (ag) wrote: A great piece from mainstream Bollywood that takes a look at caste politics and the quota system's impact on India's education sector. It also sheds light on the recent commercialization of education in India and the often unruly methods educators utilize to make money, thereby depriving the student of a more wholesome and fulfilling education. Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of the uncompromising idealist school principle, Prabhakar Anand to the tee and emits nothing short of sheer brilliance. Saif Ali Khan does a good job playing the supporting role as Mr. Anand's bright and talented low caste assistant professor. Southern bombshell Deepika Padukone does a fairly decent job as well, although it's nothing to write home about....all in all, a great movie for those serious desi cinephiles.

Tom H (fr) wrote: If you like Professor Layton games this film is absolutely brilliant! I've played the games a couple of time and the story and characters are amazing and this film continues these qualities! Simply message really, just watch it!

essence b (jp) wrote: I love all the step up movies but this one is the best and Adam is an amazing dancer almost like my favorite dancer GABE FEEL GUZMAN

Randy P (nl) wrote: If there is any meaning, it's deeper then a black hole.Whar you do get will still amaze and astound you with its mystery and unbelievable twists that shake your beliefs with what you already thought you knew about the film.Making it the most mind warping film you will ever see.

Lee M (kr) wrote: Despite its compositional flaws, Melvin Goes to Dinner will please anyone who takes the art of social chatter seriously.

Nick G (kr) wrote: Surprisingly good British film

Sabastian P (ca) wrote: Amazing movie with an outstanding cast lead by Dustin Hoffman and the Legend that is Meryl Streep.