Thanks for Sharing

Thanks for Sharing

A romantic comedy that brings together three disparate characters who are learning to face a challenging and often confusing world as they struggle together against a common demon: sex addiction.

Set in New York City, Thanks for Sharing centers around three people undergoing a 12-step process to recover from their sexual addiction. As Adam navigates the romantic relationship waters, Mike struggles connecting to his former drug-addicted son who has just returned home, and Neil develops a relationship with another woman in his sex addicts group... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Blake P (it) wrote: Frumpy is not an adjective I would ever expect to use when describing Kristen Wiig - but in "Hateship Loveship", she is the embodiment of the term. She portrays Johanna Parry, a seriously shy (and badly dressed) housekeeper who would rather experience an ulcer than make witty conversation. After her latest customer passes away, she is hired by Mr. McCauley (Nick Nolte), a 70-something who is the primary guardian to Sabitha (Hailee Steinfeld), his granddaughter. Sabitha's father, Ken (Guy Pearce), is rugged on the exterior, but within, a torn-up drug addict who can't seem to get himself out of the gutter. In an act of teen girl mean-spiritedness, Sabitha begins writing love notes to Johanna, under her father's name. What she doesn't realize, however, is that Johanna isn't merely an old-maid - while she doesn't speak much, cruelty isn't the kind of thing that can tear her down, and payback isn't satisfying. Good guys always finish last, they say. "Hateship Loveship" is a decent movie, one of demure origins and a standoffish perspective. Much of the ensemble is restrained, and the film works because it's satisfied living in the shadows of the extroverts, similar to how Johanna goes about her life. Liza Johnson's direction is sensitive and free, giving weight to the space around her and letting the slice-of-life story breathe. Wiig is a big kahuna in the comedy world, her tenure on "Saturday Night Live" already legendary. She is extremely versatile, mastering impressions, cartoony characters, and lovability. In "Hateship Loveship", however, everything we've come to know about her is completely gone - she trades her comedic genius for tightly wound dramatics. She doesn't have much dialogue, but Wiig, as it turns out, is wildly expressive and emotive. While the actors around her are given roles that don't have much in terms of dimension, Wiig is able to create a fully formed woman, much of which isn't covered in the screenplay. Already, she is doing what Bill Murray has done for decades; in reviews, we don't have to talk about their "Saturday Night Live" background. We can instead look solely at their performance and how it betters the film. Murray has proven time and time again, whether it be through "Lost in Translation" and "Broken Flowers", that the mundane can actually be interesting: Wiig does the exact same thing with "Hateship Loveship". As a whole, it isn't a work of mastery - but as far as impressions go, Wiig has made a big one. The film barely made a nickel in theaters, nor did it leave most critics stunned. But Wiig is so fantastic, it's a surprise she didn't receive more acclaim. With the now playing "The Skeleton Twins", she's surely destined for dramatic greatness, and "Hateship Loveship" is a stepping stone. Surely, we love her in comedy - but in drama, she is just as fantastic. Hopefully, she won't end up in Chris Kattan's shoes. But at this point, it's doubtful.

Al H (it) wrote: A cinematic masterpiece.

Mikey M (gb) wrote: An odd film about two gingers who rebel against systematic ridicule. As a ginger myself, I was interested. but this film has very little to say for itself. Using an actor who clearly has black hair and attempting to dye it with a red rinse is a fundamental flaw from the outset - completely ridiculous in fact.

Zach Z (fr) wrote: A little like modern country music - odd moments of sincerity, heart and authenticity peek through the plastic, the hype and the manufactured hokum.

Andy M (es) wrote: The creator of Monty Python took another fun, but not so funny route with this one. The drugged up stupor drags on a little too long at times. Johnny Depp is no Jack Sparrow here.

James R (us) wrote: A really interesting look at the world of body building. Pumping Iron is a documentary that follows Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Franco Columbu and Mike Katz. It shows them doing a lot of working out and flexing...yup. It seems a bit strange , but thus is the lifestyle of a body builder. The most interesting parts are definitely the training sessions of Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno. They both differ in styles and you can see how their own egos affect them. The film does focus on Arnold quite a bit even giving him some scripted scenes that after if you look up is quite funny. Overall, it's an interesting look and documentary looking at some up and coming bodybuilders during the late 70s.

Robert I (ru) wrote: Kinda funny, kinda not. Some really good performances though. Truman Capote out acts Philip Seymour Hoffman's whole career in this one role!

Evan H (jp) wrote: It's so bad it's good! The intentionally bad acting and script makes this movie a real riot. The sex scenes aren't graphic at all and so obviously fake by the horrible thrusting movements/body language. It's over-rated by critics when it comes to "graphic sex scenes" and I watched the Criterion edition, too!

David A (kr) wrote: Girl movie for me to see as a recovering alcoholic, and what my life used to be like with alcohol overtaking my entire world.