A homicidal turkey axes off college kids during Thanksgiving break.

A homicidal turkey axes off college kids during Thanksgiving break. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javier S (ca) wrote: Odio reality shows y estereotipos y esta movie no esta hecha de otra cosaUn Grupo de concursantes de un reality tienen que pasar una noche en una prison abandonada y tenemos que jugar a la loteria de estereotipos, la piruja, el jotito, el atleta etc etcY como si eso fuera poco el villano es un payaso tenebroso lo cual fue original hace como 35 aosNada te sorprende cuando empiezan a morir como ratas ya que ni eso ni las chafas ejecuciones son algo novedosoDominguera totalmente

Vithiet L (ag) wrote: As a martial artist and kickboxer, I really wanted to like this movie more. The idea is nice and the cast is great. However, most elements of the plot seem very far fetched and unrealistic for a movie that's trying to give a "real" representation of martial arts. The biggest disappointment of all considering what the movie is about, were the fight scenes, which I found very poorly choreographed and executed.

Justin B (au) wrote: For the first time ever, I find myself saying the film doesn't take itself seriously as a negative comment. Tries too hard to be the darkest of dark comedies ruining its incredible revenge flick potential. The pacing is horrendous and felt more like 3 episodes of a TV mini-series.

Cameron P (kr) wrote: it's nice to know geoff morell can be a total prick

James H (us) wrote: 60/100. I liked the western influences on the era it was set in, the early 1930's. Very good score and cinematography. A real effort was made to capture the time. Good performances from everyone. Moody atmosphere. The pacing is a little too slow sometimes, but the overall effect of the movie is impressive. Good story, nicely directed.

Jake A (ca) wrote: If it wasn't for the idiotic way this movie portrays the UK and a few stunts that have been ripped off from other movies this is a slightly likable movie, with a good cast, good action/stunts, looks decent enough and has a few laughs.

Michael J (gb) wrote: This was a very touching movie and had me in tears and laughter. Walter Matthau was excellent in his role and was perfect as an alcoholic. Diane Keaton, Meg Ryan, and Lisa Kudrow were great. Definitely a must- see.

Kelsey B (ca) wrote: Just watched it again after many years. Still great!

Shane J (es) wrote: comedy genius from the 90's terrorist somehow becomes a hologram and goes on a mass killing spree to take over the city. you cant beat a plot like that even with the 90's cgi ala lawnmower man and bad acting from everyone.

Merrian H (mx) wrote: Very entertaining. Ava is delightful, especially in the scenes with the elephants.My 10 year old daughter enjoyed this film too.

JamesMasaki R (ag) wrote: Watching a Kurosawa film that doesn't have any Kurosawa regulars on hand was a little bizarre, but still worth to see this little known curiosity. Put Sam Mendes' "Away We Go" in postwar torn Tokyo, and I think the outcome wouldhave its similarities. Yuzo and Masako are an engaged couple that meet up in the city for a date on Sunday. The poor couple only have 35 yen for the day, and during this time, they meet (un)usual characters of postwar Tokyo, play a little baseball with kids, look at new houses they cannot afford, get into a fight with ticket scalpers, and watch the rest of Tokyo start to rise, talk about their dreams of marriage and opening a bakery. Some scenes near the end dragged a bit, especially after the quarrel. But then again, this was before Godard invented the jump-cut time lapse, which would have really helped here. But overall, a journey well-taken, and a very good film that shows Kurosawa was up and coming.

Clintus M (ag) wrote: The glory days of the chain-smoking LA cops' "hat squad" are brought back in this stylish neo-noir conspiracy thriller. They represent a tough, no-nonsense approach to criminals, with just the right amount of smart-aleck humor thrown in (not annoyingly constant like The Expendables). Director Lee Tamahori captures all the atmospherics and details of the "atomic age." The cast is fantastic, led by emotional performances by Nolte and Griffith. Jennifer Connelly is a mesmerizing, enchanting beauty. She plays a world-wise girl who still manages to stay fresh-faced. The spot-on recreation of LA's bygone glamour era, the conspiracy-laden plot, and the excellent cast highlight this film. I'm a sucker for neo-noir, and although this isn't quite Chinatown, it is a valiant effort. Tamahori and writers Dexter and Mutrux even chose to end the film on a down note. The squad's broken up, and Griffith leaves Nolte, exclaiming "You broke my heart, Max." Noirs shouldn't have happy endings.

Darcie C (fr) wrote: A wierd movie that I don't want to see.

D M (nl) wrote: Actors playing themselves are trapped in a Hollywood mansion during the apocalypse. Five betas (James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, and Craig Robinson) and one alpha (Danny McBride) attempt to ration supplies after dozens of their friends (incl. Michael Cera, Mindy Kaling, Kevin Hart, Aziz Ansari, and Paul Rudd) are sucked down to hell during a typical hedonistic Hollywood party. While holed up, the six friends film Pineapple Express 2. Some really cool cgi coupled with the sort of humor you'd expect with this group.

Andrew U (nl) wrote: Interesting critique of the American penal system.