Kochukunju (Prithviraj) is the spoilt son of the well known Vadakkan veettil family, situated in kannur. He is the son of Kathreena (Ambika), who believes that his formal father David (Saikumar) has died, who unknown to her is still alive(after being spared by the killer sent out by her brothers to kill him.

Kochu Ouseph's (Vijayaraghavan) three sons - Captain Raju, Ramu and Vijayaraghavan (in a second role) - do not like the vagabond playwright Daveed (Saikumar) who has impregnated their only ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Thanthonni torrent reviews

Julie D (it) wrote: I liked it and Patrick eyes are way cooler and you have the biggest eyes Ive ever seen on a dude and your super cute too. Oh, review...I couldnt stop watching it but I kinda wished he would try some of the witch doctor shit on his junk. See it.

Andres G (ru) wrote: Some kind of modern Tom Sawyer.Nothing exceptional, but good to spend an evening with the family.

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Ben T (gb) wrote: I actually thought that it was really funny and had a fun cast of characters

Kenny R (br) wrote: Amazing story and great acting! Highly recommend.

Chosen 7 (br) wrote: Good film, kind've weird and a little disturbing though. Great performance by Giovanni Ribisi.

Aaron E (ru) wrote: Way too boring, and the effects are even too ancient for my unrefined nostalgic taste. Granted, it had its classic, vintage cheesy moments, which frankly were enough to make the viewing worth it.

Kihsann N (ag) wrote: i was SO happy to find this on DVD finally. In college, We used it in our Political Education film series along with the Battle of Algiers. Brilliant, revolutionary satire. Not for the thin-skinned.

Tim S (au) wrote: Earthquake is yet another disaster film in the long line of 70's disaster films. My girlfriend is actually a big fan of this genre (along with killer animal and killer bug movies), so I'm made to watch a lot of these, and they're always entertaining. This one has another interesting cast, which includes Charlton Heston, Lorne Green, Ava Gardner, George Kennedy, Fred Williamson, and Marjoe Gortner. This one was kind of special because when it was released, it was released with a new process called Sensurround, which involved rumbling the seats of the auditorium in which it played. This actually allowed it to be nominated for an Oscar, which it won, shockingly. The movie rises to just below mediocre standards, but there's loads here to keep one interested if one is so inclined. It's not an overly terrible movie, but it is shockingly dated and pretty uneven tonally, mainly because of Marjoe Gortner's character. A pretty decent watch, overall.

Kevin K (it) wrote: I think this got mixed reviews was because critics didn't want to be the one to give Mel a good critique on something that was one of his first movies after it appeared he'd blown up his career. Frontier the very beginning you are taken by surprise and the movie doesn't let you go from there on. Each supporting player was chosen perfectly for the role they played. the film takes it time to slowly uncover the truth behind what happens in the very first scene. would recommend this to anyone that remembers and loves Mel's action/cop/psychological thrillers.

Yanya Z (gb) wrote: an unexpectely fascinating film with a score of bookshelves and nice people growing elder, older and a bit happier

Sunmi H (br) wrote: The help is a fantastic film. I saw five times but I also found the film. The best scene is that Aibileen talk to child " you is kind you is smart you is important"

Steve S (ca) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***