The film is about two convicts, Samson (Mammootty) and Mallika (Charmy), who are released from jail on the same day and their travel together to unknown destinations.

A local petty thief is out from jail. On his journey back, he meets a girl who is also a convict coming out of jail. He decides to help her on his way back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Thappana torrent reviews

Astria M (mx) wrote: What a poor excuse for a movie! Pyare Mohan is a copy of atleast 7 other films! The humor is so corny, that you laugh at them! Not with them! After seeing this, you just want your money back.

Kevin M W (mx) wrote: Worth seeking out, this bare tale of a German immigrant's attempt at assimulation in a wartime Minnesota suspicious of any foreigners is steady and sure, and beautiful throughout, not rushing to its long telegraphed conclusion.

Ziv E (us) wrote: My favorite Pixar movie.

Matt S (jp) wrote: What an deliciously vicious, violent, witty, disturbing thriller/comedy that has everything you want from a movie with two chicks going at it til the death the whole time, and I loved it! I liked how it builds up the tension between the two girls and how it took its time to get to the good stuff which payed off perfectly and when the all out battle comes it comes in full speed. This is a love it or hate it film but if you like movies with chicks beating the hell out of each other you'll dig this one. Overall this was one strange but highly entertaining thriller/comedy that's sure to please fans of the genre and if you don't mind reading subtitles. I also heard that they are remaking this one, can't wait to see what actresses they pick to play the two girls but that could just be a rumor. Highly recommended!

Gordon T (au) wrote: its been EIGHTEEN YEARS since this film came out? YES. --its a 100% because I can find very little wrong with this movie. Its not SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, no; but its not LAND OF THE LOST either. KURT RUSSELL went from starring in JOHN CARPENTER CULT FILMS to playing "everyman roles" in mainstream movies: OVERBOARD, TEQUILA SUNRISE, THE BEST OF TIMES, BACKDRAFT, BREAKDOWN ect. RAY LIOTTA is very crazy in all of his movie roles. UNLAWFUL ENTRY is in the same category as FATAL ATTRACTION, SINGLE WHITE FEMALE, THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE which all came-out within five years of each other. actually its not a 100% . . . because 100% movies are movies I can watch again and again every so often without feeling I'm wasting time. Once you've seen UNLAWFUL ENTRY, there's not much sense in seeing later.

Derek M (gb) wrote: Shock humor in its truest form. Genuinely hysterical and challenging, featuring brilliant satire that cuts like a knife. "I refuse to pay for Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium"

Chris J (es) wrote: "ID4 meets Nazi invasion from the moon?" Iron Sky rises to the top of my list of cult films!

Patrick S (kr) wrote: Hey, I liked it. DMX does have an awesome presence and David Arquette didn't make a fool out of himself this time.

Robert H (ag) wrote: Likely one of the best Sci-Fi movies you have never seen.

josh b (mx) wrote: Sunday family film. Family enjoyed it!

WakeWRC89 (de) wrote: Great movie. Very moving.

Rangan R (mx) wrote: A sudden sparkling change in a moody life.The second collaboration between the director and Greta Gerwig. I just love their works, together they write awesome story and create a cinematic magic. Kind of rare filmmakers, only a very few from the past to compare these two to them. It was another quirky comedy, especially if you liked 'Frances Ha' you would like this as well. I hope they would come for the third time to complete 'An Untalented Girl from NYC' trilogy.It was not as good as the previous film, but nothing short of awesome entertainment. I am surprised a few of those who liked that movie did not favour it. I knew it would be a chick comedy, accordingly, I was not expecting beyond that. But like all the time when I decide to watch a movie, I wanted it to be a better entertainer than the one I saw in the earlier. That's what everyone do, it was like the sea tides, the rise and fall is inevitable. Some would like it and some won't, but to me it was a very good.Unlike 'Frances Ha', here there are two lead characters, both are young adult women, but the entire narration was from one person's perspective. That is, a college freshman Tracy. How her life follows, especially after meeting a girl who's soon-to-be her step-sister. As in a new place and socially inept, she finds her way to be joyous and adventurous, meets some new people and makes them friends. But how long this unplanned pleasure remains with her and what are all changes makes to her rest of the life is the remaining movie."I am so impressed by you and so worried for you at the same time."It was a simple and soft narration, but engaging characters and well paced with a chain of fine comedies. Apart from writing and direction, the supporting cast was the best feature. It was a tiny twist at the end, but extremely essential to break the steady sequence to bring a diversion. Since that part, I have been wondering about the conclusion, but the makeover was really excellent, I think it was touching yet as I expected.This is Lola Kirke's major role I've seen. She was fantastic and I hope to see her in more films in the lead. It was one of the best on-screen chemistry between her and Greta. There were many beautiful lines spoken between these two, very memorable and quotable ones. With all these top quality, if one still don't like, then he must be bored of watching plenty of similar themes. But that should not be a reason to trash it, because that is his personal issue to deal who's dumping on this one is totally unfair.This movie was unique, fun, touching, heartbreaking, likeable characters, filled with cheerful moments and overall one of the best recent films I have seen. It was more like a friendship movie on trust and commitment. The portrayal was at its best, an example of how a life can turn around in a matter of time. But how much more trustworthy is this sudden change and the best uses of it was the movie that told very nicely. I won't say it is a must see, but personally I feel that way.8/10

matt m (br) wrote: ok Australian movie. Some good moments e.g. the opening scene, but many harsh moments, only a snippet of what it was really like on the kokoda trail