That Day

That Day

A father (Michel Piccoli) is scheming to have his slightly mental daughter from an earlier marriage (Elsa Zylberstein) killed by allowing a murderous psychopath (Bernard Giraudeau) to be released from the asylum and led to his house. However, the psychopath and the daughter fall for each other.

A father (Michel Piccoli) is scheming to have his slightly mental daughter from an earlier marriage (Elsa Zylberstein) killed by allowing a murderous psychopath (Bernard Giraudeau) to be ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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cody m (br) wrote: Juno Temple has always been one to watch for me and this is just one of her new movies that i cannot wait to see!

Nikki Alice L (au) wrote: I just watched this movie and I Am Number Four is a great action movie.

Vincent H (ru) wrote: There's of course the issue of Coco being a comedy and not being funny (as in it-didn't-even-make-me-smile not funny) but what was really surprising to me was the really horrid, HORRID cinematography by Gilles Henry who was DP on Maurice Pialat's Van Gogh.Avoid at all costs.

Katrina W (fr) wrote: It was interesting as I haven't seen any movies or even read any books with this kind of plot before around the death and resurrection of Christ. The acting wasn't the greatest by some actors but it was interesting and thought provoking and probably realistically something very likely to have happened in real life. The girl in it is stunning.

Jon F (us) wrote: this film version of the classic QTV cartoon sends up spoof and zany satire on todays gay culture. a must see for fans of gay cinema and controversial animated shows

Scott M (ag) wrote: Moore's documentary does it's best to paint the politics of the United States in a negative light.

Korinn G (de) wrote: if you leave b4 the end its an amazing movie

Patrick T (ru) wrote: There's barely anything about Son of Sam in this film, and a lot of what is there is inaccurate.

resi d (jp) wrote: love Harry De Fostar!!

Steven N (au) wrote: Were it not for a fairly funny little bit of comedy by Patton Oswalt, chances are that I would never have heard of of the movie "Death Bed: The Bed That Eats," and without a doubt I wouldn't have ever gone out of my way to see it, even if I had actually heard of it. The film was written and directed by a a guy named George Barry in the seventies and man-o-man does it feel seventies. Bad seventies. Really bad seventies. Bell bottoms, naked hippy chicks, terrible sound, even more terrible music, a script that come across more like something half dreamed during a bad acid trip rather than a coherent thought, everything you would expect from a terrible, low budget seventies film is featured prominently. The story is about a bed that very literally eats people. Grabs them with sheets, drags them downward into pee colored acids and dissolves away their flesh. There's a whole lot of nonsensical side stories thrown in there as well, but the bed and the eating is the focal point. (I can't believe I just typed that sentence.) If you're going to watch this movie, you're going to watch it for a laugh, because it's pretty terrible. Scratch that, it's absolutely, mind-numbingly terrible. So terrible that it's worth a viewing? Maybe. I kept expecting the 'Mystery Science Theater" bots to pop up on the bottom of the screen and when they don't I ended up providing commentary myself, which was sort of fun. Well, more fun than anything the movie was giving me anyway.

Calvin R (gb) wrote: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was excellent. Depth, complexity, great story, more darker, great visuals. This fourth installment to the Harry Potter franchise proves to be more crafty, vibrant, great performance by all the cast, and it was way more entertaining.

Donald W (ru) wrote: This was Bert Reynolds attempt to make a serious movie. He directs it himself. It's a good cop story. It's got some intense parts. They setting is in Atlanta Georgia but the only character to speak with a Georgia accent was a little girl playing the daughter of cop who plants electronic bugs and taps telephone lines. A lot of the electronic eaves dropping depicted in the movie would be illegal today. It may have been illegal when the movie was made too. There is no real nudity in the movie but there is enough crude language that the movie is rated R. The Sharky character is transferred to the vice squad after a drug buy goes bad and a civilian and the drug dealer are shot. They depict the vice squad as working out of the basement and manned by cops on the verge of retirement or were being punished. In the old days corrupt cops wanted to work the vice squads because it was relatively safe and there were lots of bribes floating around. The last part of the movie was a long setup for the final stunt of the movie. It was a fall from a high rise building that is still the record for a stunt fall. The DVD for this movie is in Standard TV format.