That'll Be the Day

That'll Be the Day

Britain, 1958. Restless at school and bored with his life, Jim leaves home to take a series of low-level jobs at a seaside amusement park, where he discovers a world of cheap sex and petty crime. But when that world comes to a shockingly brutal end, Jim returns home. As the local music scene explodes, Jim must decide between a life of adult responsibility or a new phenomenon called rock & roll.

Abandoned by his father at an early age, Jim MacLaine seems to have inherited the old man's restlessness. Despite his apparent intelligence, Jim decides not to take the exams that would ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frances H (br) wrote: Was it just me or didn't this plot make any sense? Nothing was ever really clearly explained--was it all an hallucination?

Lisa R (es) wrote: French Writer/Director Celine Sciamma clearly has stories to tell about what it's like to be an adolescent coming of age and being confused by ones growing sexuality. This was her debut feature from 2007 about three 15 year old girls one summer in France, and she followed this up in 2011 with the excellent film Tomboy, about some more French adolescents one summer in France. Although this film doesn't reach the heights of Tomboy she again shows that she has a distinct way of telling a story and I like it. She is able to create a believable yet almost dreamlike world of innocence, confusion and discovery.

Faley A (fr) wrote: I think its my age that made me fallen for this !!i know its the same old wine in new bottle, but somehow I liked this movie..

Justin M (br) wrote: A British remake of an American football film. Accept they're not playing football. They play futebol. Released 4 years before the Adam Sandler version. Sorry my review lacks character but these films lack it just the same. Not a fan of it to say the least.

Melvin W (ag) wrote: Gang Tapes is an ultra realistic look at the gang lifestyle and how it hooks the urban youth. It's weird seeing this so soon after seeing Snow on Tha Bluff as they are basically the same from a technical standpoint, using a handheld camera, and with their premise. Both use a robbery of tourists in order to get the camera which will present their hood lifestyle. I thinks it's fair to say that Snow on Tha Bluff used Gang Tapes as inspiration.This follows 13 year old Kris who is friends with some local gangsters. The day one of the most respected and feared gangsters gets out of jail, one of their boys is killed. Kris asks to ride with them as they look to get revenge. After some initiations, getting the shit beat out of him and shooting someone, he's in. From there we watch as the gang lifestyle of Kris catches up to him early.While not for everyone, Gang Tapes is about as real as it gets when it comes to the hood genre of films. It doesn't shy away from everything and the filmmakers did extensive research and interviews in order to make the film feel as real as possible. Mission accomplished.

Jennifer K (br) wrote: totally!!!watched a little then i had no time.

Chris G (fr) wrote: Dom DeLuise...what more is there to say

Zachary D (us) wrote: If you liked Cars, this is the movie they stole the plot from, except this is better.

Brian P (br) wrote: Quite a poor movie to say the least..... Certainly not worth the time to watch it.

Darren S (jp) wrote: Okay...first things first. Get rid of that stupid, inane, crappy cover of Jodie Foster, and put back the artwork with the algerbra teacher with the arrow in his back...and the penguin. In fact, in the film, Jodie's hair is short and is wearing something that matches the time period of the mid-1960's. Ouch...! Look at that Flixster rating...currently at 83 percent not interested. Betcha any change that that 83 percentile has zero idea what this film is about. That's a darn shame.That's sad, really it is. Not that I'm entirely surprised. This gem was directed by Tony Bill, and written by John Patrick Shanley (yeah...the dude who wrote the Oscar winning 'Moonstruck' also from the 80's), one more time, I'm here to do the community service of the day. There are two main stories with interconnecting characters : one has Heinz (John Turturro) get out of jail and return to the old neighborhood. Heinz was arrested for assulting and raping Linda (Jodie Foster) who now works in a pet store. Upon learning his release, Linda and buddy James (Todd Graff) track down Harry Fitzgerald (Tim Robbons) the only guy who stood up to Heinz without getting a serious injury. However, it's been awhile, and Harry isn't the rough kid that they once knew; it is his goal to help with the civil rights movement.The subplot involves two youths who are out of school for day due to the unexpected death of the math teacher, and go on a vandalizing spree...only to hook up with two young ladies and have some laughs riding elevators-on top of the elevators. (again, it's set in 1964) The best part of this movie isn't the acting, as great as it is, but the outstanding script from Shanley.The re-marketing as seen on the lame-o DVD cover art does this film a great disservice.Classic scenes:1) Heinz beats a penguin to death.2) Harry meets with the civil rights workers [one of who is played by Eric LaSalle]3)Heinz: "How much for the pie?"Storeowner: "One Dollar"Heinz dips his finger into the cream pie. Licks the tip of his finger.Heinz: "How Much Is It Now?'Storeowner: "Now, it's nothing"