That Night

That Night

A coming-of-age story about an eleven-year-old girl who idolizes her troubled sixteen-year-old neighbor.

In 1961 Long Island Alice is just that bit younger than her playmates. She doesn't quite understand yet about some grownup things and is teased a lot. Her heroine is anyway Sheryl, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amelia T (br) wrote: so much pain in the war era .. & the focus on how strong he is, yet powerless too in the insanity of war .. slow moving in a wonderful way that feels more realistic. not like western films that keep hitting you on the head with sensory stimulus. this is my favorite film series of all time ..

Brandon S (jp) wrote: There's so much more nuance here than in "Before Sunrise". That doesn't make it a better or worse film for that reason, but it is one of the film's strengths. We're disappointed by so many things, and even more disappointed that they aren't outwardly more disappointed in each other, because we're still in love with Jesse and Celine after all that time.In Jesse I see a man that has a romantic notion of his reunion with Celine, but is quietly hurt. He's afraid that their night together meant more to him than it did to her. Celine is afraid of what will happen if she gives herself over to him again.

Will L (ag) wrote: This may very well be THE WORST sequel ever made. Not just comparatively, but objectively. It's unfunny, grotesque, and void of imagination.

Mary O (br) wrote: while it is glossy and funny, there is a sincerity to the movie that reflects the struggle to change when the world and a cunning disease wants nothing more than for you to stay the same.

Alex T (ru) wrote: Mad Dog and Glory is a dry black comedy that really tries to be something different. It's a shame that different doesn't always mean good. The performances here are good, De Niro as a cop that wants to be a photographer, Murray as a gangster wanting to be a comedian. There are some extremely funny things sprinkled throughout the picture, but they are too few to sustain me. I love the subtle way that De Niro is about a foot and a half shorter than Murray, and how De Niro is so insecure about his sexual performance which leads to one of the most awkward love scenes in the history of cinema. I wish this movie would have aspired to be something more.

Parsa K (gb) wrote: Absolutely incredible movie

Matthew B (br) wrote: Seeing Sean Connery as James Bond again is like seeing a best friend that you haven't seen in years and you're glad to see him again, but when you hang around with him again for a day and after that day is over you think to yourself, "That was okay, but it's not the same as the good all days". The story to Never Say Never Again is that James Bond himself emerges from cozy retirement to cross swords with Largo, a megalomaniacal business exec who steals several nuclear missiles, intending to bring the World Powers to their knees.Never Say Never Again is a Bond film that has this depressing and dull to it and this is me being honest, and the movie itself is nothing really special. This isn't a bad bad movie, no it's just the same formula as the other Bond flick.Sean Connery is back in the role as Bond and it's like he never left, because he was top notch as Bond once again. He's still got that charming and cool look to him that made him a great Bond from the start.The Villains are forgettable and not that interesting to watch, the effect's look okay and the movie is shot really well. But the movie has lacks on character's and the story itself isn't all that interesting, and this is comeback role for the great Connery and they didn't really do anything amazing or anything spectacular with this idea.Overall this isn't the worst Bond film I've seen so far. The movie has it's a lot of good things in it, but it does have it's bad things as well.

Khaled M (ag) wrote: not sure about the authenticity of the true events, but it's visually exquisite.