That Night's Wife

That Night's Wife

The film revolves around a desperate man who commits a crime in order to support his family, and the moral dilemma the policeman who tracks him down finds himself in.

A desperate man with a sick daughter decides to commit a robbery in order to help her. He begins to feel remorse though, which makes him question his decision. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff T (jp) wrote: I would rather see them make Survivor into a movie but this isn't a bad start... go go more Palahniuk books becoming movies.

Fara S (kr) wrote: kare majidi mage mishe bad bashe

Jaquenta J (it) wrote: Great animation... really takes me back... and I am speaking of the feel of the animation. A lot like the dark anime that i've seen. I like it that they told the aside of what happened between Pitch Black and Riddick but I wish it could have been a Live action movie. Kudos to the animators... Loved the Making of... in the bonus features.

Charles P (nl) wrote: One of the most magical and entertaining films I've seen!

Evan H (kr) wrote: Even though Paxton's eyebrows have very little movement in this movie, it doesn't stop it from being entertaining with a few thoughtful twists.

Bill B (mx) wrote: A film I re-watched recently for the To-Watch Pile, this remains one of my favorite corny 80's horror flicks. It's got all the earmarks of the era, casual sex, bad fashion and a goofy fucking premise that I just can't get enough of.Well worth a look if you've not seen it, or worth a re-visit if it's been awhile.

Carlos M (fr) wrote: It was conceived as a "movie about visuals" but never mind, the music is the only great thing in it - especially in the exciting opening and closing scenes -, since the script is a colossal piece of crap with no structure, the dialogue is simply awful and the performances are pathetic.

Luc L (ca) wrote: A visual striking film in 1936 but the story was dull.

MidnightRamen A (es) wrote: I love the way the "magic" in this movie was portrayed through a medium that people can relate to: dreams. Excellent acting and thrilling action throughout, with a touching ending.

Eric V (br) wrote: So, let me try to make sense of this. A man, who after the sudden death of his wife, loses any sense of faith (which I feel he never had any). To prove that there is no supernatural existence, he videotapes numerous attempts to invoke the spirits, which naturally leads to the whole possession thing. Never mind this whole found footage story is lazy and contrived. The real question is if he is an atheist bent on debunking everything supernatural, why does he only concern himself with the dark arts. I feel no sympathy for a character this stupid.