That's Entertainment!

That's Entertainment!

Various MGM stars from yesterday present their favorite musical moments from the studio's 50 year history.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   dancer,   dancing,  

Various MGM stars from yesterday present their favourite musical moments from the studio's 50 year history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Doug C (us) wrote: And we never cover the cost of the car? What a crock.

Deborah H (ca) wrote: Really corny movie, poorly made. I will say though it made me jump a few times! Story about a group of nurses play with an urban myth.

Patrick T (kr) wrote: Would have gotten my vote for best suspense flick of the year were it not for Hard Candy.

Carl M (mx) wrote: Set in the years following the Second World War, DOMINION tells the tale of Father Merrin, a wayward priest who has turned to archaeology after his faith is shaken by the war. When Merrin uncovers an ancient church buried beneath the sands of East Africa, he will share his first encounter with the devil, who has possessed the body of a poor crippled boy. Despite being shelved immediately after production, Paul Schrader's prequel to THE EXORCIST was simply too good to be released to the general public. Instead of spinning heads and spewing soup, DOMINION takes a much more cerebral approach to evil. Interestingly, Schrader creates a complete reversal from the original film: the demon possesses the body of a sickly boy, it strengthens and repairs him rather than destroying him, and it uses its wicked tongue to rattle the nerve rather than shock the senses. Pazuzu taunts Merrin and attempts to destroy him both mentally and spiritually. Like the fallen angel Lucifer, it appears as the perfect being, an intellectual tempter with a sculpted body and androgynous beauty unlike the foul monster that Merrin would encounter years late. Pazuzu's evil spreads like a plague in the small African village, and turns man against man while the fallen priest works to regain his robes. The corruptive power of evil is felt in full force here, although Schrader takes slow but decisive steps to reach his final goal.While DOMINION has often been criticized for its unfinished effects, it is rarely hailed for its superior setting. The ancient Byzantine tomb is finely decorated, and serves as an ominous stage for the spiritual warfare. Given the studio's complete lack of faith and resources, the garish computerization must be overlooked in place of the stronger story elements. Stellan Skarsgrd is very good as the younger counterpart to Max von Sydow's character, with an introspective approach to the character that is reserved without being underplayed. He gives us cracks in his otherwise stern performance that humanize him and allow us to empathize with his internal struggle. Like Skarsgrd, Schrader pulls back as well, refusing to rely on simple shocks in this psychological thriller. His unwillingness to compromise in creating a "studio" picture may have hurt the returns, but in the end, he delivers a much stronger film.Renny Harlin would be brought on to re-write and re-shoot the entire picture after Morgan Creek decided to pull the project for its lack of marketability, but between the two versions, DOMINION is the preferrable prequel to THE EXORCIST.-Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Kyle C (fr) wrote: Two of my favorites and even though they didn't really get along on set, it is still quite funny and romantic, but it's not very Christmasey, but that's O.K.

Laura C (ru) wrote: Shot in beautiful Newfoundland by Icelandic director Sturla Gunnarsson. Based on the novel by Canadian Edward Riche, who also wrote the screenplay. Stars Molly Parker, a wonderful Canadian actress.

Karen H (nl) wrote: 2015-02-02 PSH was interesting

Brandon W (jp) wrote: Grown Ups is directed by Dennis Dugan, and it stars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Kevin Spade, and Rob Schneider in a comedy film about a group of basketball players at their young age got back together at a much older age after their coach passed away, and go to a cottage to reconnect each other. I wasn't really much looking forward to it, it might've been cool at the time to see a lot of comedians be here at one movie, but this is Happy Madison Productions, so I wouldn't be expecting much out of it even if I watch it in theaters, and after watching it, the movie didn't disappoint me of being a really bad film. I've seen most of the comedians in funnier films, so I know they can be funny, but in this, they were seriously lacking in good jokes. The movie didn't had much of a plot nor an arc going on, and the summary that I've made at the beginning, was barely a plot also, but it was the best that I can think of in terms of this barely having a plot as this felt like a bunch of failed attempts of a skit. I didn't care about the characters that much as they were a bunch of dirtbags, and they're like that almost the entire film. Are there any good stuff in there? Actually I can think of some stuff in my mind, although not much. When it gets to the end, there were some jokes that I actually laughed at, and the shots of the pool slide scene looks really good as it shows the happiness that the actors are having fun in, even if it lasted for probably 40 seconds or less. In terms of the sequel, it's marginally better than that, but that's a low bar to go through, and it's really not saying much for it.

Thomas (nl) wrote: In many ways the film that I suspect that "Red Dawn" (both the 80s and 2000s versions) perhaps tried to be, in some early version of the script process, before it all became about patriotism and gun slinging. Instead, in How I Live Now, we follow Daisy, surly American teenager sent to live in the English country side (and falls in love with a local boy), just as World War III breaks out. But, in an interesting turn of events, she and her friends do not become bad ass resistance fighters. Rather, they are frightened children, caught in a war they do not understand, simply trying to survive and make it back home. Believable plot, strong acting, and beautiful use of the lustrous English countryside make for a good film.

Brandon Y (fr) wrote: This is about as perfect a suspense movie as you can get. This is probably in my top 10 favorite movies.