That's Entertainment! III

That's Entertainment! III

Some of MGM'S musical stars review the studios history of musicals. From The Hollywood Revue of 1929 to Brigadoon, from the first musical talkies to Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain.

Some of MGM'S musical stars review the studios history of musicals. From . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shannon Q (ca) wrote: Well done documentary about a voice that seems to have been all too overlooked in retrospectives about folk music and the protest movements of the 60s.

Siri B (ag) wrote: Original concept and very funny.

Dann M (de) wrote: While it's a little generic, Into the Blue is an entertaining and sexy crime thriller. The story follows an aspiring treasure hunter and his friends who discover a possible shipwreck near a crashed plane full of drugs on the sea bed, and must work secretly to uncover the ship's location before others get to it first or the drug cartel comes looking for their lost plane. Starring Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Ashley Scott, and Scott Caan, the film has a good cast. But the characters are poorly written and the plot is really convoluted. Still, there are some nice action sequences and the underwater scenes are beautifully shot. It's gratuitous and silly, but Into the Blue is also kind of fun.

Justin O (fr) wrote: This movie is a very awful portrayl of the wrestling world, edited so badly and this guy caused the chain reaction that made Mick Foley retire.

Connor G (us) wrote: Delightfully witty, and jumps between action and comedy surprisingly well.

Dena S (jp) wrote: i love van damme films. always so much action, this one doesn't dissapoint.

Robyn (au) wrote: Michael and Alice Green (Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan) appear to be the perfect " yuppie" couple. They live in a cozy home and have two lovely young daughters. Theyre passionate about their jobs (hes an airline pilot, shes a junior high guidance counselor) and after five years of marriage, they still look at each other with the sexy adoration of high school sweethearts but Alice has a dirty little secret she drinks....from the moment she gets up. When her addiction is discovered, she goes into detox, and the movie becomes the story of how her agonizing recovery tears apart a family that was never what it seemed in the first place.

Mark D (ag) wrote: This is a cute movie especially if you like Fox and Douglas, but overall the plot and story is very weak. It is the acting of Fox and Douglas that saves it from a 10.

Gabriel C (ca) wrote: An underrated Coen classic with sharp dialogue and a charming performance from John Turturro as a playwright wrestling for his soul.

Dustin L (ca) wrote: The story was decent and the monologs between Clint and Burt were very entertaining. Definitely worth more than the overall rating says its worth if your a Clint Eastwood fan.

Todd T (fr) wrote: Please see "Stop or my mom will shoot!"

Ian R (mx) wrote: I was very skeptical of this film, given that it was released years after Bruce Lee's death and therefore does not technically have him in the film (they used stock footage and camera tricks). However, they clearly made up for that with the incredible fighting sequences that litter the film. They were some of the most entertaining martial arts sequences I've ever watched. The plot, acting, and camera work were pretty much standard for a martial arts movie (which isn't necessarily a bad thing; it actually adds to the charm). Overall, I was surprised with the quality of this film.

Eric R (us) wrote: Sapphire tells the story of a young lady named sapphire whom is murdered, and follows the police as they try to figure out whom the guilty party is. The film is a police procedural as we follow the lead inspector, Nigel Patrick, as he tries to solve the crime. As they investigate the crime, they discover that Sapphire was actually a "colored", which is suprising given her complexion. Given that this is the 1950's, Racism is very prevalent, so this definitely complicates the case. Sapphire is really a film about the bigotry towards race that took place during the time. The police procedural is the through line, but its really a commentary on the british bigotry towards commonwealth immigrants. Its all summed up pretty perfectly at the end when Sapphire's brother, a doctor, tells the investigator that he has cured all sorts of problems, but nothing like this. Clearly, Basil Dearden was making a statement about the times...

Vincent R (ca) wrote: Absolute waste of time!!! One of the worst movie's I have ever seen!!! Chappie = Crappy a 1000!!!

Brandy L (it) wrote: My favorite movie prolly in the world, or at least in my top 3! Each story is in itself so smart, funny, and heart wrenching at parts. I love how it all comes together in the end!

Rebecca S (de) wrote: This film is wonderful.